Thursday, February 24, 2011


is what I am doing today!

Yesterday was Parent/Teacher Conferences.
Miss Izzy's teacher had nothing but great things to say about her.

She called her amazing and bright.
A fast learner, ENERGETIC, obedient,

and yes

She is still as bossy as she has ever been.  But that's not always a bad thing.  :  )

Her test scores have shown tremendous growth and she is right up there with her classmates.
The most fun part has been seeing her learn to read!  She has caught on so fast!

Speech still continues to be the hardest part for her.  While she has also made huge improvements there- she still has a long way to go.  Thankfully we have the best speech teacher ever.  I don't know what we'd do without her.

Last Saturday Isabella was invited to a Tea Party.
She loved being with other girls her age, dressing up and drinking tea from a real tea cup!
The sweet mommy who hosted the party sent each of the girls home with a box full of goodies including the tea cup and saucer they drank their tea from.

These pictures are from 1 week ago.
The weather was so beautiful!!
Today we had 9 inches of snow.

I'm so ready for SUMMER!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Time gets away from me.
It's been 2 1/2 weeks since a post.  
Days just fly by.   I feel busy all the time but can't figure out what I've been doing.
Anyone else have this problem?

Fingerprinting went great.  I was very worried about having to go to this USCIS office as the last time I had to deal with them it was a nightmare.  We were 30 minutes early and were out of there in less than a half hour.  As usual, my fingerprints are barely there.  These nice ladies had some magic lotion to rub on my fingers to get a better scan.  I will be buying some of that Husker Lotion (if only it was Wildcat Lotion) to bring with me on all other fingerprinting field trips.
Trent says I worry too much and make mountains out of mole hills.  
But, he doesn't deal with the paperwork and doesn't understand a mother's natural instinct to have her babies with her to love, nurture and protect.  I want to go to China yesterday!

Here are a couple of days that we had since our 1 year Gotcha Day anniversary.

We went to another wrestling tournament.  Trey got 1st place!!
He does so good for this being his first year in wrestling.
For those of you who can't tell Trey by his butt cheeks.  He's in the blue.  Pinning the kid in yellow.


He really does think wrestling is fun.
I don't know why.

Trophy and Bracket

We had snow!
This is the only day we've been sledding.  More than snow we've had FREEZING temperatures which makes sledding short lived.

Trey thought he'd try to surf the snow.
Later he got out Wesley's snow board.
That didn't work so well either.

This was Isabella's first time EVER sledding and she LOVED it!!

Jack had fun, too!  He loves to play.

Happy President's Day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

It's been a great Chinese New Year!
I received fingerprint appointments today from the USCIS!

The cool thing about it is........they are scheduled for February 14th.

So.....Trent and I will be having a date at our nearest USCIS office.

What a great New Year and Valentines Day!!

I also received this week my dossier back from the Chinese Embassy!  I will be sending it off to my agency in hopes that they can start translating it.
The only thing left waiting on is my I-797.
Ahhhh.  Relief.

Oh, here is a sweet picture of Isabella on our first Gotcha Day Anniversary.