Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year

I would like to start this post with a sincere apology to my friend Lori McCary for the lack of posts in the last two months.
Sorry, Lori.

Since it's 2 hours away from a new year and it's been 2 1/2 months since a post I figured now would be a good time to end 2011 with Christmas photos.

Christmas was good this year.  To ALL of us.  We had many "firsts" this Christmas and all were exciting.

It was Sophie and Hudson's first Christmas home.  And from the sound of things- their first Christmas celebration ever.  They had never received a Christmas present before.  But, most importantly, they know that Christmas is all about Jesus.

Two weeks ago all four kiddos sang in the Christmas program at church.  They did awesome and I was SO PROUD of them!!

We are half way done with our first year of homeschooling.  I am loving it- although there are moments in the day when I ask myself, "WHY DO I DO THIS??!!!!"

The kids are doing good.  There are still issues and struggles, but all in all it's going well.  In the next few days I will share about each one and how they are adjusting.  Yes....we are STILL adjusting and just might be for quite awhile.

These first three pictures are so funny!  During the program Hudson was trying to show Isabella where I was and she gave him the evil eye.  It was hilarious!!
Hudson telling Isabella, "There's Mom!"

I can only imagine what she is wanting to tell him.

And since she knows she can't say it- she's going to ignore him!

Sophie and Emma (on the right) were angels and had a special dance.

Best Buds

Christmas Eve

WAY too much loot!

The first two awake!

Sophie and Isabella had to be woken up.
This was how Sophie came downstairs.  

And this was Izzy!

The calm before the storm.

Hudson got a Tomahawk in his stocking and he was EXCITED to say the least.
I will have a post on this in the next couple of days.
It will be well worth the read!


Tomorrow I have more FIRSTS!!
Very exciting firsts!