Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This past Monday (26th) was our 6 month Gotcha Day Anniversary. I wanted to post this then but it's Fair week and 4-H is keeping us busy!

This girl is absolutely perfect and we are the luckiest (although luck had nothing to do with it!) parents in the world. I thank God every day for letting me be her MaMa.

This was the first time we saw each other in the Chinese Civil Affairs Office half way around the world. Her name was Long Xiao Hua and I still remember every detail about this moment.

6 months later she corrects us when we call her Xiao Hua and says her name is Isabella. That makes us a little sad, but I also know that she loves us and fully embraces her life here.

Isabella Hope XiaoHua........
1. LOVES to swim.
2. LOVES Barney (the purple dinosaur).
3. LOVES both of her GeGe's (big brothers).
4. always has a smile on her face.
5. likes to help her MaMa clean.
6. likes to ride the mower with her BaBa (daddy).
7. is fun, outgoing and adventurous.
8. wants a bow in her hair everyday.
9. can be a girly girl or a jock.
10. can't wait to have her birthday party.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Three Amigos and The Dog Show

It's the week before the fair.
The 4-H Dog Show is always the week before the County Fair and all three Amigos took their dogs. It was hot, frustrating, fun.....and hot.

They did a great job....considering none of them really knew what to expect.
And the dogs just thought it was social hour.

Each one of them had to announce their name, dogs name and what breed their dog was.

Jonah and Gunner.

Trey and Jack

Trey making sure Jack is watching the older kids to see how it's done.

Emma and Keira.

Trey spent a lot of time trying to get Jack to sit.

And then Jonah spent a lot of time trying to get Gunner to lay down.

Grandpa got to see the 3 Amigos get a blue ribbon in Fitting and Showing before he had to leave for a meeting. (Each got a white ribbon in Obedience class).

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Kanakuk just might be the best place on earth.
Isabella got to experience Kamp for the first time and she LOVED it!
She also met her life long best friends from Florida, Kate and Ellie.

This has been Trey's 3rd time at Family Kamp and he LOVES it.
He can't wait to go to Kanakuk as a Kamper without his mom and dad.
This year a whole bunch of us went to Kamp and spent the week together.
It was awesome having friends and family there all at the same time.

We picked up the McCary's from the Branson airport and this is where Isabella met Kate and Ellie for the first time.
Instant best friends.

Trey, Jace and Kade with G.T. and his new baby.
Techo day at kamp.

Trey playing foosball with Doug.

Brothers playing ball with the rest of the dads against the counselors.

Team DAD.

These next few pics speak for themselves.

4 little Asian girls at Kamp this week- all adopted.

With the McCary's

A night out on The Landing.

Our Norton crew is more than hilarious. They had a blast in the hurricane simulator and drew a big crowd.

The girls in their matching ballerina jammies.

While on "the Island", Emma and Lucas had a birthday and we always celebrate with the Ice Cream and Cake song and dance.


And a bulls eye.

This girl has no fear and went on every slide and high dive at kamp!

Trey and Emma.

We had World Cup Competitions our last night on "the island".

Alec and Johnnye.

Miah and Jace.

Jeremie waves our team flag while cheering us on.

Extreme competition.

Isabella and Jenessa.