Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I can't wait until mine comes home!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Zia Jian From Marco Island!!

We spent our last two days soaking up as much sun as we could, seeing how we heard there was snow coming down at home today!
We will definitely miss these days of 85+ degree days.
Both kids have decided they LOVE the beach.
I decide that every November through May!


This was taken Friday.
Trey found sea sponge?  
I'm not sure what to call it- although I know I learned that somewhere in Biology class one of those years!
It was spongy.  Just like a real sponge!
And the color was beautiful.  Why is it "they" turn them yellow or blue?

Zia Jian from Marco Island!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday On The Beach~ All Day!

More Marco

Tuesday Night Photos

 I know these aren't the greatest pictures ever taken.
But dolphins around here are like deer at home.
They are everywhere!
My camera has been focusing on the lint inside the body instead of what's beyond the lens,
so the zoom isn't working like it should.
I think it's time to take a trip to the Camera Doctor!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing

The one that got away picture.  


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marco Island

This is the first time Trey and Isabella have ever been to the beach.
And they are loving it!!
This whole beach is made up of sea shells.  It's beautiful!

 Trent mostly watched the Masters beachside!
Then left us to watch it with the guys inside.

 Trey gave me a sea shell skin scrub.
I thought it felt good!
 Trey- not so much.

This not a staged photo.  She really does do this on her own!


Friday, April 8, 2011

So Much To Tell!!

I've been gone for a LONG time.
Way too long.
So long that you will have to endure enjoy seeing ALL that has been going on around here.
I had to post all these because next week is going to be BLISS.

Marco Island here we come!!
High 80's.
(Hopefully) No wind.
The beach.
Great food.  
I won't have to cook or clean!

During our spring break, Isabella and I took a 3 1/2 hour drive to the east and met up with our social worker to do our LAST post placement report!  
And of course see Big GeGe. 
Two days later, we packed up and drove 5 hours to the west and saw our very sweet audiologist and had hearing tests and a new tube put on her hearing aid.  The tests weren't good, so two weeks later we went back to Denver and saw her ENT and found out her hearing loss is very likely genetic.
The GOOD thing about driving that far is that we got to meet Savannah and her family.

Savannah and Isabella are 6 months apart.  They grew up together in Longgang, China.
They are China Sisters.  Although, they don't remember each other- they played like they were the best of friends.  It was so heartwarming to watch the two together.
Their family is moving to Houston in May and we are so sad as we just don't know how often we'll get to see each other.  

 Savannah and Isabella around the age of 2 or 3 in the orphanage.

 Ya, I don't look so great.  I had a headache from driving all day and 
getting bad news about Isabella's hearing.

Isabella and I got home and found out that Trent's grandma was not doing well.  Lisa, (Trent's sister) called on her way to stay the weekend with her and wanted us to be prepared for the day Jesus came to take her home.  She died two days later.   She was a very loving, sweet, sophisticated prayer warrior of a woman.
So we traveled to Trent and Lisa's home town to see family and friends 
and to celebrate Gma Z's life.

The FB stadium that my hunky, quarterback husband played on.
Nice, Trey.

Trey had my camera and got a few fun ones of Isabella and Wesley.

We've also had two BB tournaments.  
Basketball tournaments are a little more fun than wrestling tournaments because they don't last
This is Trey's first year playing organized 3 on 3 and it was so fun to watch!!

Isabella was so funny!  Every time someone scored and the scoreboard changed- she would write it down on her little pad of paper.  Does this mean she'll be the manager when she gets to Jr Hi and Sr Hi?

Wesley was home for his spring break and got to watch Trey play in his first BB tourney.
Trey is in the, "i don't want my picture taken" stage.
It's very frustrating for me!

The next three are from his second tourney.
They got first place!!

Last weekend we (along with Grandma, Grandpa and all the cousins) went to pick out our 4-H sheep.
Those babies are SOOO cute!!
Yes, Jenessa and Isabella are cute, too.   :  )

This one is the lucky winner!  He has already named him A.J. Jr.   
(After Wesley's favorite 4-H sheep)

Then there was the annual FFA Banquet!
FFA is big in our family.  Our step dad is the Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor at our high school.
He has a VERY successful program and is a mentor to SO many young people.
Wesley loved FFA and was very successful in it.  It's such a wonderful program!!
Trent and I
Johnnye (my gorgeous niece) and Wesley (my gorgeous son).
Johnnye is the second grandchild to be in FFA. 

 My beautiful "little" sister, Ollie.  She's like 6' tall.

Emma and Isabella

My other beautiful little sister Jennifer (She's of normal height) and her hubby John.

The boys.
Jonah, Trey and Jace

I keep telling my sister (Jennifer) that this boy needs a blog written after him.
He is one of a kind.  I've considered giving him equal time on here he's so funny!!

And these three are whom we call "The Three Amigos"!
They are all within 8 months of each other.
And all of our kids act like siblings.
In every way possible.  Loving and fighting.

This is Trey's FFA PAL.
Once again, FFA is such an awesome thing.

Trent and I with our sweet nephew, Jace.
He will one day adopt.
No doubt.

to more EXCITING NEWS!!!
The dossier is finished!!!
It's been notarized, (THANKS TRISH!!), certified by the state and authenticated by the Chinese embassy!!  And sent to CCAI to be checked over and over and over and over............
It's been there 11 days and should be on it's way to China.
Like yesterday!!!

Isn't that so cool?
Look at all that Chinese!!

And even more exciting news............


SWEET new pictures of Boa Yun Fei!!!!!!
And he's actually smiling!!!
Is he not the most handsome little dude ever?!
I'm in love.

They gave us updated measurements and he's grown!
Something I thought was cute- his report said, "Sometimes when he is naughty, he is also the kind of little boy that just makes people love him."
How funny is that?!!!  

Not only does he share a birthday with Isabella, but they call him Xiao Fei.
Isabella's chinese name is Xiao Hua.

Yep, he's mine.
And I'm in love.
Oh, I said that already.