Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Long Xiao Hua

Here she is!
The newest member of our family.
Chinese Name: Long Xiao Hua.
Province: Guangdong, Shenzhen City
DOB: August 30, 2004
Height: 40"
Weight: 33#

Long Xiao Hua is 5 years old and likes to sing, read books and play with her toys and friends. She is described as active, talkative and outgoing.
Our prayers now are to help her grieve her losses. She will leave behind everything she has ever known; people, school, food, language, routines. We want to be here for her through discussion, tears and prayer. Attending to her grief is a critical element to integrating her into our family. With these things she will grow, change and become stronger.
Please pray that her transition into our family will be easy for her and us.

Trey is excited to finally know who his sister is and is glad she is 5 years old.
Wesley smiled, was pretty quiet and isn't sure about adopting an older child. We respect his concerns and pray that through this we can show others that adopting an older child is a true blessing.

Trey learns about his sister-

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Shoebox Christmas in China

Trey, Emma and I went shopping tonight for Operation Christmas Child.
Before we went in to buy our gifts I asked them what age of child they were buying for and is it a boy or girl.
Trey knew right away.
He was buying for a 5 year old girl and his shoebox was going to China!
He has waited so long for a sister that he can't hardly stand it!
Every time he sees an Asian person he says, "Look, they are from China!"
Every time he hears a foreign language he thinks it's Chinese.
Every time he sees a stuffed Panda bear he has to get it for his sister.
This boy has China on his mind and in his heart!

Trey Wants A Sister

The other night I was putting Trey to bed and told him we need to pray to bring Isabella home soon! So, after we did that I asked him what he thought his sister was going to be like.
He said he wanted a sister like Jenessa because she is funny!
And then he said he wanted his sister to be 5 years old. He's never really been age specific before, so I was surprised when he told me that.
I mentioned that we are going to get a little girl with a special need which means she might be a little different, but that would be ok and we will love her anyway.
He said, "Like, she will have a disease?"
Me: "No, not a disease."
Trey: "You mean like when they have a cut on their lip?"
Me: "Maybe. That's called a cleft lip. Would that be ok?"
Trey: "Ya. I want her to be 5 years old and have a cleft lip."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes important decisions can be AGONIZING!
I've prayed that God would bonk me
over the head with
the answer.
So, far........nothing.
He has 2 days left to do it.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Front Row

This is why you DON'T sit on the front row!
Great Marriage Getaway with Gary and Barb Rosberg.
San Diego, CA
October 2009