Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

I GOT to play with PlayDoh this morning.
I made a XiaoHua and she made a mommy.
How sweet is that?

The only DVD player that will play her chinese cartoons.
And, I got the dishes done!

I try to get up before Trey and Isabella
so I can have a cup of hot tea, read a
couple of devotionals and watch Fox & Friends.

I didn't get to finish my cup of tea because
this little girl came to find me.

So, I wrapped her up and sat her beside me while I finished.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Isabella XiaoHua is doing wonderful!
She is a very happy girl who loves to dance, color, play the piano and clean!
The day we did laundry was a new one for her. She sat in front of the
washer and watched it go around for about 15 minutes. She did the same
thing with the oven when we baked bread. I love watching her experience
all the newness of our way of life and the luxuries that we take for granted.
This sweet little being humbles me every day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Adoption Day

This is a quick video I put together.
Am working on a longer version of our wonderful and amazing adoption!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Three days in one- because not much went on, except shopping and packing.

On Thursday we all went to the US Consulate and took an oath to always take care of our children and never abandon them. I really don't remember what all I had to repeat because I got all choked up! The first time in two weeks I got weepy. I wasn't the only one, though.
Since no cameras were allowed in the US Consulate we took pictures after we got back to the room.

Here she is with our official Adoption Decree.

That night we went out to a Japanese Restaurant with friends.

The next few are pictures out the bus window.
You see apartment buildings everywhere- with laundry hanging out of most of them.

I'm guessing this is someone's supper.

This is where Isabella is from. Shenzhen. We didn't get to visit, but did drive through on our way to Hong Kong.

Rosa rode with us all the way to Hong Kong, got us through customs, security and to our hotel, and then left to go back to Guangzhou. She was with us from the day we got XiaoHua and was a big help in her transition. We really love Rosa! XiaoHua was very fond of her, too.

Sitting in the Hong Kong airport waiting for our flight home! Yea!

Isabella is now on US soil and a US Citizen!! Yea!
It felt SO good to be home!
The funny thing is....I would never call California home, unless you've been to a very foreign country for two weeks!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love the Comments

Before I post any more days of our trip I'm going to wait until my camera arrives from San Francisco. Hopefully it will be here Thursday. I can't wait!!
I miss my camera and pictures!!
Until then, I want everyone to know I have LOVED reading your comments!
I am not a savvy, sophisticated writer and when I read my own blog it sounds very silly.
I am glad you all have followed our adoption journey- and kept me accountable for journaling.

Isabella is doing great at home- we all just need to get our sleep times figured out.
She pet the cat tonight- but still freaks out when Jack (our Lab) comes around.
Maybe tomorrow?

More sweeties from our group.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I know- I'm several days behind!
I had to take a break for a few reasons-
1. Instead of blogging- I packed. It was SO time to come home.
2. It takes forever to upload pictures with the internet over there. Trent found a way to get through so Angela wouldn't have to do all the work. This isn't always quick and easy.
3. It took 2 days to get home.
4. I just couldn't stand to get on here. When we landed in San Francisco we went straight to the food court. (Airplane food is bad and we just had a 12 hour flight!) Trey had carried the camera from security to where we ate and set it down with his backpack. When we got up to leave it was on the other side of Trey's chair and no one noticed it. I didn't notice until we were boarding 4 hours later! To say I was upset is an understatement. I hadn't uploaded 4 days worth of pictures!!
Anyway, after I calmed down, I prayed for a miracle and received it last night. Someone turned it in to the lost and found at the airport and they are FedEx'ing it to me today. YEA!!!

So, here we go~

Day 9
It wasn't a real exciting day.
We went to Chen's Ancestral Hall, now known as the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum, this morning. It was built in 1888-1894. Most of it was outside. Of course it was beautiful- but, we've seen enough Chinese culture. We are ready to come home.

I am making XiaoHua walk more, and she's getting better. I was so tired carrying her around the museum I gave her to Trent. She did not like it one bit! It seems she is going backwards with him. We have both noticed it.
Rosa went to the consulate today to apply for her Visa. Since we had two guides we didn't need to stay in the room. Everything went well and she will pick them up tomorrow .
The museum didn't take long. We went back to the hotel, had lunch and then left for Shamian Island for shopping.
At one point I had Trent take her from me- this time she didn't cry. But she didn't let him hold her long.

Two families left today. Their children were under 2 years and didn't have to stay for the TB test.
One of the them have a boy thatis Trey's age and they got to hang out together quite a bit!
They also named their very cute little girl Wesleigh. I had to get a picture with her to show my Wesley.
I have never heard that name for a girl- the more I think about it, the more I love it!

While sitting in the lobby of the hotel, waiting for Trent to exchange money, I got my hair done!

In the taxi on the way back after shopping on Shamian Island.

At Lucy's Restuarant.

This lady played with the kids so we could shop. Makes for great sales! The toy she was playing with is a top that plays music. XiaoHua danced with the music- and really has some moves!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 8

Today was hard.

The first thing we did this morning was drive 40 minutes
to go visit a street market and a kindergarten. I was excited
to see what school was like here in China for the little ones
knowing that XiaoHua was in kindergarten.

The street market was very gross. The first thing we saw right
outside was a dead rat in the street gutter.
As you entered the market they were selling live chickens,
live, flopping fish, dead ones, too. Eggs of all sorts.
There were dried intestines hanging like a rope. ( I think that's what
it was). Then we walked into the fresh vegetables and fruits.
It smelled alot better than the previous.
We ended up at the end of the block where all sorts of other
items were being sold. Clothes, toys, videos, jewelry, nuts and candy.

We made our way back to the kindergarten school.
The children came out and sang and did exercises for us. They were
very cute! The ages of the 400 kids that go to this school are
2-6 years old. They are in school from 7am-6pm.
After the kids were done they gave
everyone a tour of the school. As our group started to make their
way up stairs, I noticed XiaoHua crying. I picked her up tried
talking to her. She was very upset. I asked Maggie our guide to
tell her it was ok and not to worry. Maggie told XiaoHua that
we were just visiting.
I held her the whole time telling her it was ok and wanted her
to know that it was alright to look and we would not leave her there.
We did end up going back down to the play area because she
was so upset. When Rosa, our other guide, came down she talked to
XiaoHua and explained to her it would be alright, etc. XiaoHua told Rosa
she wanted to go home. Home, as in to the 'hotel home'. That is when I
knew she really thought we might be leaving her there. And then I really
got upset started crying! It broke my heart. We walked to the gate
and waited for the others. It took her quite awhile to calm down.
This isn't going to be as easy for her as I thought it would. She is so happy.
Even the local Chinese people comment on what a happy girl she is with us.
During the ride back she laid her emotionally exhausted head on
my chest and watched Flip clips of our day together.
After lunch Trey and XiaoHua had a good, long nap. The day was
better after that. We went back to Shamian Island to do more
shopping and met up with 2 families to eat at Lucy's again.

Trent is definitely ready to come home. The two weeks has
gone fast- yet it seems long.
How is that?

On our way to the kindergarten. These chickens were live.

At the market.

This little boy was a real entertainer! He was dancing around way past quitting time!

This was where our tour of the school ended. We waited here for a little while and then went back down.

Maggie brought 'hua hua's" for our hair to make XiaoHua feel better.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 7

We had the morning off and Skyped just
about everyone on our list!

At 2:30 those of us with children over the age
of two had to go back to the Medical Clinic
to have our kids' TB test read.
XiaoHua passed with flying colors. No problem.

We shopped for the rest of the day on
Shamian Island and had more success than yesterday.
We met up with two other families and ate
supper at Lucy's. It is a restaurant with American style

This morning XiaoHua got in trouble and really took
it hard. She cried and whimpered for awhile, was
a little melancholy and then fine for the rest
of the day. She has such a sweet nature.

While on Shamian Island we stopped at a park and
let the kids play for awhile. They have the neatest
playgrounds here in China.

When talking on Skype this morning- some asked if
we were ready to come home. My answer is not yet. Since
bringing it up it has crossed my mind more and more.
I know by Wednesday or Thursday I will definitely be

Pictures are from today. I've tried to load video here
and it just won't work- so you all will have to wait
until I get home to see all the cool video we have.

This has been the most awesome thing ever. Adoption.
I can't wait to do it again.

XiaoHua and AyeMei were friends at their orphanage. They share everything each time they are together.

Walking to the Medical Clinic- there is construction everywhere for the Asian Games coming up.

XiaoHua getting her TB test read.


XiaoHua and AyeMei

This is what big brothers are for.

In the taxi on the way home from Shamian Island.

Blowing bubbles at Lucy's.

Trey and XiaoHua with their new bears.