Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 8

Today was hard.

The first thing we did this morning was drive 40 minutes
to go visit a street market and a kindergarten. I was excited
to see what school was like here in China for the little ones
knowing that XiaoHua was in kindergarten.

The street market was very gross. The first thing we saw right
outside was a dead rat in the street gutter.
As you entered the market they were selling live chickens,
live, flopping fish, dead ones, too. Eggs of all sorts.
There were dried intestines hanging like a rope. ( I think that's what
it was). Then we walked into the fresh vegetables and fruits.
It smelled alot better than the previous.
We ended up at the end of the block where all sorts of other
items were being sold. Clothes, toys, videos, jewelry, nuts and candy.

We made our way back to the kindergarten school.
The children came out and sang and did exercises for us. They were
very cute! The ages of the 400 kids that go to this school are
2-6 years old. They are in school from 7am-6pm.
After the kids were done they gave
everyone a tour of the school. As our group started to make their
way up stairs, I noticed XiaoHua crying. I picked her up tried
talking to her. She was very upset. I asked Maggie our guide to
tell her it was ok and not to worry. Maggie told XiaoHua that
we were just visiting.
I held her the whole time telling her it was ok and wanted her
to know that it was alright to look and we would not leave her there.
We did end up going back down to the play area because she
was so upset. When Rosa, our other guide, came down she talked to
XiaoHua and explained to her it would be alright, etc. XiaoHua told Rosa
she wanted to go home. Home, as in to the 'hotel home'. That is when I
knew she really thought we might be leaving her there. And then I really
got upset started crying! It broke my heart. We walked to the gate
and waited for the others. It took her quite awhile to calm down.
This isn't going to be as easy for her as I thought it would. She is so happy.
Even the local Chinese people comment on what a happy girl she is with us.
During the ride back she laid her emotionally exhausted head on
my chest and watched Flip clips of our day together.
After lunch Trey and XiaoHua had a good, long nap. The day was
better after that. We went back to Shamian Island to do more
shopping and met up with 2 families to eat at Lucy's again.

Trent is definitely ready to come home. The two weeks has
gone fast- yet it seems long.
How is that?

On our way to the kindergarten. These chickens were live.

At the market.

This little boy was a real entertainer! He was dancing around way past quitting time!

This was where our tour of the school ended. We waited here for a little while and then went back down.

Maggie brought 'hua hua's" for our hair to make XiaoHua feel better.


  1. Well, now I'm crying! OK, there will be rough and smooth but, from what you write, XiaoHua is already VERY attached to you guys and that will probably make the 'coming home' so much easier.
    She is blessed.

  2. OH, and tell Trent he is a whiz with the camera!