Monday, January 31, 2011

Trey's Turn!

Last weekend Trey competed in his first wrestling tournament.
The last time I went to one of these Wesley was the same age and now he's 21!
Wow.  That means I'm old.

Here are pictures of my skinny boy in his tight little singlet.

My sweet nephews also wrestled.

Trey got 3rd place

Jonah got 1st place

Jace got 4th place

All the buddies-
Connor, Judson, Trey, Camden
Jonah, Tucker, Kade

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gotcha Day Continued....

As we arrived at the hotel.

After "THE BATH"!

We drove to the medical building where they do all adoption physical exams for someone to check her chicken pox. She sat on my lap the whole way. When we got out of the van she didn't want to be held- told me she would walk- but held my hand the whole time. She really "knew" she was going back to her "home" at the orphanage.
She checked out fine. We left- she held my hand and sat on my lap all the way to the Carrfour to get water and snacks. She walked in and then let me carry her. We bought water, pringles, oreos and chinese cartoon DVD's for her. Drove back to the hotel. As soon as we walked in and she realized this was not where she intended to go, she turned around and told Rosa something in Chinese. Rosa looked at me and said, "She knows this isn't where she wants to be", then told us to hurry to our rooms. I held her and let her cry it out. She cried in the room for 15-20 minutes and then quit. I don't remember what happened directly after that- I think she looked around, went through her new backpack, etc.
She had to go to the bathroom so I took her and she wanted to take a bath! She got in and played and smiled. Let me wash her hair. She was great. We put her new jammies on and she LOVED her pink princess slippers. She posed for many pictures. We ordered room service and she ate fruit. Mosts of the fo
od was yucky. She played with her new things and was even a little silly with Trey and Trent. Wow- after her bath she was so different!

I know my grammer is bad- but I typed what I had written. I didn't take the time to make sure I had it all correct- as I was on call 24/7!!
So, that's it! Starting on day 2 she woke up happy and has stayed that way ever since!
When I said she's never looked back- I meant it. This girl is the happiest, silliest, most fun and loving child I've ever known. Life is waaaayyy better with her in it!!

Day 2
Happiest Girl In the World

Monday, January 24, 2011

One Year Ago Today.....

on January 26, 2010

Long Xiao Hua became part of our family.
Something she wasn't sure she wanted.....until the next day. And she's never looked back.

It is still surreal to me that my little girl comes from a very distant land.
The love I have for her is fierce and abundant, deep and overwhelming.
I am privileged to be her mama.

I've been reading back through my journals of how this day played out.
Here is what I wrote one year ago.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Didn't get much sleep.
Up early-bed late. Didn't get here until 11pm. Bed at 1am and up early to eat breakfast at 8am.
We needed to be ready to go at 1:30pm. Rosa is young and very sweet.
We needed to bring XiaoHua's backpack, $6,000, passports and extra passport pcitures. Coudn't find extra passport photos and had a little panic. Rosa said it was ok and that we could get them taken at Civil Affairs office. Trey was so upset with me because he thought they wouldn't let us have her. He was in tears.
We went to the bank across the street from the hotel.
TR took a picture of Rosa and I and the bank police jumped up and started talking Chinese to us.
We then went to the Civil Affairs - drove a little ways down some alleys- got out and walked down several more alley's.
Went into a nice building, rode elevator to 8th floor, got out turned left and went into a nice area.
Red cushion seats with black and white polka dotted pillows. This was the Adoption Registry of Guangdong Province.
We didn't know that XiaoHua was in the next room. All of a sudden she came out and it was so surreal!
Like meeting someone you've always wanted to- not really sure what they would look like in real life!
Two pig tails and in the most gorgeous pink coat! PINK! She is definitely my daughter!
She was with the two nannies and the director.
They said to her, "This is MaMa", she looked at me and said, "MaMa" and looked at Trent and said, "BaBa"
and smiled. When they told her to come to us she walked toward me and then she changed her mind.
She clung to the leg of one of her nannies and cried, "No!!" The all wanted her to sit by me. I got out a few
of her things for her- none of it worked.
She did take the suckers and cheerios from me.
She was very upset.

After awhile the orphanage workers left- I didn't know they were leaving until I saw them standing at the elevator.
I did not get to ask any questions at all.
XiaoHua cried, yelled, kicked, arched her back and threw her suckers. She wouldn't even listen to Rosa-
but definitely preferred her over us.
I picked her up and went into the other room (holding room) with her and just held her while she cried. She didn't like it at all.
I tried talking chinese to her, singing to her, looking out the window- nothing helped. I had Trey
bring in her bag that she came with. She didn't want me touching any of her things. I opened it to
distract her and she was furious! She put her things back in and wouldn't let go of her bag.
Trent came in to take over while I signed the paperwork. She tried to dodge Trent and Trey to get out
of the room. It was horrible and I felt so bad for her!
At one point she got her bag and decided she wasn't having any part of it and was leaving. She walked behind
the front desk wall where the bathrooms are to leave. Rosa went to get her- was pretty much dragging her out.
I went to see if I could help- she put her hand up to her face and shut me up and
shut me out yelling, "no, no, no, no, no!!!!"
After this, we decided to leave and finish paperwork tomorrow because she was so upset.

The whole time we were there, there were two ladies cleaning the room. They watched as they cleaned.

When XiaoHua realized we were leaving she quit crying and let me carry her. I remember smelling her hair.
A strong, pugnant, stinky smell. Hard to take, but did so anyway, because it's her and I want to remember
everything about this day.

*Continued tomorrow because it's long and I have to go to school and pick up my wonderful (now sweet smelling)
Isabella Hope XiaoHua!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


What a day.

First off.
It's a snow day. Which means the kids were home.
Sort of.
I made Trey call some friends to find somewhere to go. Usually that's not allowed.
Because I'm still having anxiety, irritation, moodiness and slight depression from adoption paperwork, I needed to get rid of at least one of my kids.
For the other one, I brought in an older, more reliable friend in need.
Emma. My 8 year old niece.
She brought her manicure kit and along with Isabella's face paint ( I mean make-up), they will be busy for awhile.

Do you hear that?
I don't either.
It's sooooo nice!
No nerf guns being shot.
No screaming sister.
No yelling mother.
Ahhhh, quiet. : )

So, after checking and checking and REchecking, the VERY IMPORTANT documents have been put into big mustard yellow envelopes and taken downtown. I've been to the local UPS drop off, aka Endzone and got rid of all notarized documents for my dossier to be state certified.
I also got rid of my I-800A!! (Sorry Jen- I missed Friday's pick up. So I'm a day behind you)
These 81/2 x 11 pieces of paper give me grief!! My hands shake. I get all nervous just handling them. I know- it's crazy. I may need to be committed after this. Trent already thinks I should be.
Like my friend Jennifer said she was going to do, I prayed hard over these outgoing documents!
And now I feel goooooood!
Like a weight has been lifted!
Dang. I should've taken a picture to show you.
I also (finally!) sent my box of goodies to Yun Fei. $45.50 just to send a small box to China!
It's crazy. But worth it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here you go Johnnye!!

Johnnye and Isabella are the family hairstylists.
I promised the girls a blog entry.
Aren't they beautiful?!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I checked my email yesterday morning and this is what I got!!!
Ann, at Red Thread, is SO AWESOME!!!

She is also the one who let me know that Isabella was in foster care right before we got her.
She comes highly recommended. LOVE HER!

Ok, back to the real reason I'm posting this.

Look at my little man.
He's even grown!
She sent me his new height and will send me his shoe size when she gets it.

When I look at Yun Fei I see a little boy who looks sad and dirty.
I see a little boy who needs....

1. his MaMa to come and get him. FAST!
2. lots of love and hugs and kisses.
3. a good nerf war with his GeGe.
4. to wrestle with his BaBa.
5. a bossy Chinese MeiMei to keep him in line. : )
6. Big GeGe (that would be Wesley) to throw him in the pool
and teach him to ride horses.

He just needs to COME HOME!!

He's so handsome.
Check him out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kousins Kamp

You'll see lot's of weird children here on this post.

One handed boy trying to do what he's told.
"Shape that clay into a ball and then a bowl!"

You wouldn't believe the mess they left me to clean up.
Believe me, when they got done it was much worse than what you see here.

"What the heck is that on your face?!"
(I'm sure I'll be asking this in about 10 years.)

"Nice sculpting, Jenessa!
What the heck is on your face?!"

Don't all artists sport bed head?

This little/big dude is almost too old for kousins kamp.
But I'm going to make him keep coming. I adore this kid!!

This is what I woke up to the next morning.
SEE?! See all these weirdly wonderful children?
That is a word, isn't it?
They are so sweet when they are sleeping.
And I love every one of them.

On it's way to China.....

Gifts to the orphanage for our little buddy.
I also ordered him a winter coat, hat, gloves, new outfit,
shoes, and a photo album of his new family.
I had to make it good as
this will more than likely be how and when he learns
he has a family waiting for him.

As I pick which pictures to send I wonder what he'll think.
Are we scary? Ugly? Weird looking? Does he know what soccer is? Swimming?
Will Jack (our dog) scare him like he did Isabella?
Will he be happy he has a family? Will he change his mind when he sees us?
Or will he be glad that someone has chosen him?
So many questions and unknowns.

Honestly, I can't get to China soon enough.

(And I wish I had a hidden camera when he gets his package!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in His presence whenever our hearts condemn us.
For God is greater than our hearts,
and He knows everything.
1 John 3:18-20