Saturday, January 8, 2011


I checked my email yesterday morning and this is what I got!!!
Ann, at Red Thread, is SO AWESOME!!!

She is also the one who let me know that Isabella was in foster care right before we got her.
She comes highly recommended. LOVE HER!

Ok, back to the real reason I'm posting this.

Look at my little man.
He's even grown!
She sent me his new height and will send me his shoe size when she gets it.

When I look at Yun Fei I see a little boy who looks sad and dirty.
I see a little boy who needs....

1. his MaMa to come and get him. FAST!
2. lots of love and hugs and kisses.
3. a good nerf war with his GeGe.
4. to wrestle with his BaBa.
5. a bossy Chinese MeiMei to keep him in line. : )
6. Big GeGe (that would be Wesley) to throw him in the pool
and teach him to ride horses.

He just needs to COME HOME!!

He's so handsome.
Check him out.


  1. Oh Stacy he's precious!! I just want to reach through that screen and give him a big ole hug!!

  2. How exciting! Praying the process continues to go smoothy so you can bring that boy home!

  3. So excited for you Stacy! Can't wait to see you in March!

  4. Congratulations Stacy! He's a cutie, and yes he needs all of those things.

  5. so sweet!!! hope everything goes smoothly and FAST!!