Thursday, January 6, 2011

On it's way to China.....

Gifts to the orphanage for our little buddy.
I also ordered him a winter coat, hat, gloves, new outfit,
shoes, and a photo album of his new family.
I had to make it good as
this will more than likely be how and when he learns
he has a family waiting for him.

As I pick which pictures to send I wonder what he'll think.
Are we scary? Ugly? Weird looking? Does he know what soccer is? Swimming?
Will Jack (our dog) scare him like he did Isabella?
Will he be happy he has a family? Will he change his mind when he sees us?
Or will he be glad that someone has chosen him?
So many questions and unknowns.

Honestly, I can't get to China soon enough.

(And I wish I had a hidden camera when he gets his package!)

1 comment:

  1. OMG...He is going to just love it!! He has probably never gotten anything like this...ever!! I bet his little heart is about to burst (just like yours).

    So happy!