Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 7

We had the morning off and Skyped just
about everyone on our list!

At 2:30 those of us with children over the age
of two had to go back to the Medical Clinic
to have our kids' TB test read.
XiaoHua passed with flying colors. No problem.

We shopped for the rest of the day on
Shamian Island and had more success than yesterday.
We met up with two other families and ate
supper at Lucy's. It is a restaurant with American style

This morning XiaoHua got in trouble and really took
it hard. She cried and whimpered for awhile, was
a little melancholy and then fine for the rest
of the day. She has such a sweet nature.

While on Shamian Island we stopped at a park and
let the kids play for awhile. They have the neatest
playgrounds here in China.

When talking on Skype this morning- some asked if
we were ready to come home. My answer is not yet. Since
bringing it up it has crossed my mind more and more.
I know by Wednesday or Thursday I will definitely be

Pictures are from today. I've tried to load video here
and it just won't work- so you all will have to wait
until I get home to see all the cool video we have.

This has been the most awesome thing ever. Adoption.
I can't wait to do it again.

XiaoHua and AyeMei were friends at their orphanage. They share everything each time they are together.

Walking to the Medical Clinic- there is construction everywhere for the Asian Games coming up.

XiaoHua getting her TB test read.


XiaoHua and AyeMei

This is what big brothers are for.

In the taxi on the way home from Shamian Island.

Blowing bubbles at Lucy's.

Trey and XiaoHua with their new bears.


  1. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures! It truly helps in 'being there' to see my new cousin.

    Can't wait until you guys are back in the USA. What time do you get into DIA Saturday?

  2. Stacy, I am am so glad to see your pictures....It looks like your new little one is adjusting to her new family! You're not sick of Shamian Island yet? We enjoyed Lucy's too.
    Hope all goes well for you on your flight home.

    Mari Casey

  3. What a happy family! I'm glad you are enjoying your time there as you go through the process and become adjusted to one another. It has been fun to follow you on your journey and see the wonderful pics. You are so lucky to have your new girl...I can't wait to meet her! Love ya!