Friday, February 12, 2010

Three days in one- because not much went on, except shopping and packing.

On Thursday we all went to the US Consulate and took an oath to always take care of our children and never abandon them. I really don't remember what all I had to repeat because I got all choked up! The first time in two weeks I got weepy. I wasn't the only one, though.
Since no cameras were allowed in the US Consulate we took pictures after we got back to the room.

Here she is with our official Adoption Decree.

That night we went out to a Japanese Restaurant with friends.

The next few are pictures out the bus window.
You see apartment buildings everywhere- with laundry hanging out of most of them.

I'm guessing this is someone's supper.

This is where Isabella is from. Shenzhen. We didn't get to visit, but did drive through on our way to Hong Kong.

Rosa rode with us all the way to Hong Kong, got us through customs, security and to our hotel, and then left to go back to Guangzhou. She was with us from the day we got XiaoHua and was a big help in her transition. We really love Rosa! XiaoHua was very fond of her, too.

Sitting in the Hong Kong airport waiting for our flight home! Yea!

Isabella is now on US soil and a US Citizen!! Yea!
It felt SO good to be home!
The funny thing is....I would never call California home, unless you've been to a very foreign country for two weeks!!


  1. So glad you are back in the country. I have been following your blog. We brought our little girl home from Shenzhen in May 09. It brings back memories. Thanks for posting. I have enjoyed your trip.

  2. I am so glad I found your blog! It is so much fun to read about our journey from someone else's point of view! I am glad Isabella is doing well. I think we've finally made it over the jet lag, not sleeping stage, so that is positive. For that first week, I thought I just might not make it!!! Hope we can catch up soon!