Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love the Comments

Before I post any more days of our trip I'm going to wait until my camera arrives from San Francisco. Hopefully it will be here Thursday. I can't wait!!
I miss my camera and pictures!!
Until then, I want everyone to know I have LOVED reading your comments!
I am not a savvy, sophisticated writer and when I read my own blog it sounds very silly.
I am glad you all have followed our adoption journey- and kept me accountable for journaling.

Isabella is doing great at home- we all just need to get our sleep times figured out.
She pet the cat tonight- but still freaks out when Jack (our Lab) comes around.
Maybe tomorrow?

More sweeties from our group.

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  1. Stacy, in the beginning Baden also freaked out when he encountered dogs... pure terror would overcome him. Two years later he is a different boy - not only does he love the dogs in his life (all belong to family and friends), he also wants to know about them. Yesterday at school a group of 5th graders presented their Exhibition project to his kindergarten class (our school's version of a Senior Year Culminating Project)... Search & Rescue dogs. The staff member working with this group of kids made a point of telling me that Baden had been so excited and eager to ask questions about what they had learned. It is incredible to see how our kids learn to become comfortable in their new world. All things in time right?