Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trey Wants A Sister

The other night I was putting Trey to bed and told him we need to pray to bring Isabella home soon! So, after we did that I asked him what he thought his sister was going to be like.
He said he wanted a sister like Jenessa because she is funny!
And then he said he wanted his sister to be 5 years old. He's never really been age specific before, so I was surprised when he told me that.
I mentioned that we are going to get a little girl with a special need which means she might be a little different, but that would be ok and we will love her anyway.
He said, "Like, she will have a disease?"
Me: "No, not a disease."
Trey: "You mean like when they have a cut on their lip?"
Me: "Maybe. That's called a cleft lip. Would that be ok?"
Trey: "Ya. I want her to be 5 years old and have a cleft lip."

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