Friday, April 15, 2011

Zia Jian From Marco Island!!

We spent our last two days soaking up as much sun as we could, seeing how we heard there was snow coming down at home today!
We will definitely miss these days of 85+ degree days.
Both kids have decided they LOVE the beach.
I decide that every November through May!


This was taken Friday.
Trey found sea sponge?  
I'm not sure what to call it- although I know I learned that somewhere in Biology class one of those years!
It was spongy.  Just like a real sponge!
And the color was beautiful.  Why is it "they" turn them yellow or blue?

Zia Jian from Marco Island!

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  1. Love that last picture! I know you had a blast. Sorry you have to go home to snow!!!!