Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marco Island

This is the first time Trey and Isabella have ever been to the beach.
And they are loving it!!
This whole beach is made up of sea shells.  It's beautiful!

 Trent mostly watched the Masters beachside!
Then left us to watch it with the guys inside.

 Trey gave me a sea shell skin scrub.
I thought it felt good!
 Trey- not so much.

This not a staged photo.  She really does do this on her own!



  1. I wanna come!! Sheesh! People pay good money to get scrubs like that at top notch salons, you get one for free! Holla! I'm off to find out where on earth Marco Island is now....looks gorgeous!!

  2. You are making me so jealous!! The beach is my favorite place in the world!! I spend as much time there as possible. Wesleigh is begging to go back too! :)

    Have a great time!!!