Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Three Amigos and The Dog Show

It's the week before the fair.
The 4-H Dog Show is always the week before the County Fair and all three Amigos took their dogs. It was hot, frustrating, fun.....and hot.

They did a great job....considering none of them really knew what to expect.
And the dogs just thought it was social hour.

Each one of them had to announce their name, dogs name and what breed their dog was.

Jonah and Gunner.

Trey and Jack

Trey making sure Jack is watching the older kids to see how it's done.

Emma and Keira.

Trey spent a lot of time trying to get Jack to sit.

And then Jonah spent a lot of time trying to get Gunner to lay down.

Grandpa got to see the 3 Amigos get a blue ribbon in Fitting and Showing before he had to leave for a meeting. (Each got a white ribbon in Obedience class).

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