Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baseball Has Begun

Baseball has officially begun.
Once again we are the orange team.
I love this age of boys. They are so darn sweet.
Trey is loving baseball. Here he is in the dugout.

Here he is on 2nd base.

The next batter got a hit and Trey is headed for 3rd!

Only it was a pop fly and he got out. They threw the ball to 3rd.
Trey was running circles around the 3rd baseman trying to get to the base.
He didn't make it and was the third out for Bridges.

He's mad because his dad told him to keep running to 3rd!

I KNOW he wanted to run to his mommy and cry.......
but, stopped himself before anyone noticed what he REALLY WANTED to do.
I was there......waiting.......wanting to hug him and tell him it was all right.
But, thought about it and knew Wesley would have died a dramatic death if he ever found out.
I mean look at that face! How could you not give love to that?

It was soon forgotten and all ended well.

Other favorite pictures of tonight's game:

This boy seriously needs a blog detailing his most hilarious life!!
Since Jennifer won't do it.....I just might have to start it here.
What a character this sweet and not so innocent boy is.

And this is Alex.
They call him Tank.
He is a team favorite.

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