Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wesley's Show Hope Trip to China

Finally got Wesley to sit down and load his video that he made
of his trip to China.
It's wonderful.
You will see a little girl that pulls herself around on the floor. Her name is Anna and her and Wesley were "best buds". He was very sad when they came back to Beijing to find her gone.
The good thing is she had been adopted.


  1. Well done, Wesley!
    It's hard to believe everyone of those kids hasn't been adopted. They're Beautiful!

  2. oh wow :) i hope you will send your brother over to our blog!! someone sent me 3 pics of him with her (not sure who that was now) and i remember crying, b/c it was the FIRST time we had photos of her being affectionate with a "stranger" (meaning, we'd only seen pics of her engaged like that with her nannies). it gave us such hope that she'd be able to attach to us (which she has done so well). she is SUCH a rockstar of a kid- easy going, full of life, rolls with the punches. her physical needs are challenging but she makes it all seem easy!! i would love if your brother could send me the photos he has of the 2 of them or of "gi gi" -big brother (boy in the red and blue shirt who was with her), she misses him!! plus she gets really excited to see photos of her from then.

    thank you so much for commenting on my blog!!