Friday, March 26, 2010

Morning Call

I found this little clip (along with another) that little Miss Isabella had video'd of herself. I knew she was on the phone- but had no idea she was taping the whole thing! That's what I mean about watching her at ALL TIMES!
(Yes, that's me sitting beside her in my purple, froggy robe). Thank God she didn't go any higher with the camera!
Something's up when she looks at me while chatting and then starts talking about me. I believe she's making plans without me knowing!


  1. That's so sweet!!! And I'm pretty sure she said something about...yeah, my mama is right here, so...WAY CUTE!!!

  2. Stacy, that is hysterical!!! She is a multi tasker to be able to talk and video at the same time! I love it!!! How funny that she looks at you and then talks about you. I am laughing out loud!

  3. I am a friend of Joyce's. She gave me your blog address and I have been following your posts... That little video is just about the cutest thing I have seen in a while!!

  4. I want to eat her up!!! OH, miss Isabella with two are toooo cute!!!!