Tuesday, March 23, 2010


XiaoHua had her first appointment at the Children's Hospital in Denver yesterday. Trent and I were very impressed with everyone we met with. (And we met with ALOT of people!)
We saw a Speech Therapist, Social Worker, Audiologist, Geneticist, Pediatrition, ENT Specialist who also does plastic surgery and a Pediatric Dentist. The only one we didn't see was the Orthodontist.
Her hearing test revealed very limited hearing in her right ear. So, first on the list is to get tubes put in her ears and we are praying that helps with her hearing loss.

So, below are pictures of our day at the hospital. It was a long day and she did great!

These three are at the end of the day and we had sat
in this room for about 2 1/2- 3 hours. We were getting
tired and bored. So, her and Trent made a game.
She told him to go to sleep while she hid somewhere in
the room. Then he would wake up and look for her-
they had a blast and it was funny to see her hiding under
the table while thinking he couldn't see her.

Some updates on Isabella Hope XiaoHua~

1. She is putting words together-
one more
no more
I love you
sings all the Barney songs

2. I don't have to watch her EVERY SECOND of the day now.
Only every minute.

3. Her hair is growing and she lets us know it every day!

4. She can count to 5, skips 6 and says 7, then goes straight to 8, 9, 10 in Chinese.

5. Still calls herself XiaoHua. And we like that.

6. Finally lets BaBa hold her and kiss her. She will even take short trips to town with him!

7. Doesn't have to pack her bags and take one every time we leave the house. She now knows we are coming back home.


  1. I LOVE this list!! How sweet. I had to LOL at the watching her every minute comment. I feel the exact same way! So excited that she is more comfortable with Trent, and the suitcase comment makes me want to cry. I didn't know she did that. So sweet!!

  2. Hi Stacy - I'm checking in on your blog periodically (which I love).

    While I was looking through these pix, I just tho't how incredibly blessed this little girl is to have you all as her family - she is being molded in such a beautiful way to be a godly young lady.

    And like Olivia, I'm wiping the eyeliner that's running down my face! :)