Friday, April 16, 2010

Giving Thanks

Our trip to Denver proved to be a yet another chapter in little Isabella's life.

Trent had a meeting he couldn't miss, so he stayed home while Trey and Isabella and I made the trip on Wednesday afternoon. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30am on Thursday for surgery at 7:30am. Both kids did a great job getting up and ready to leave by 5am.

The Children's Hospital does a good job at getting you checked in and where you are supposed to be. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I'm so glad we chose this hospital.

We were put in a little exam room for about an hour and a half while we waited. We were the first surgery of the day- which is definitely the way to go! When we left the hospital it was BUSY!

Isabella did great and wasn't scared at all. In fact, she was excited to have the nurses listen to her heart, look in her ears, take her blood pressure, etc. Our nurse was wonderful. She herself had two adopted children and her best friend had a little girl from China. God put her with us for sure!

When it came time for surgery I got to carry her into the OR and stay with her until she was asleep. The only time I saw a little apprehension on her face was when we walked into the OR and she saw all the people, machines and lights. I was a little scared myself! But she never cried or tried to protest. I laid her on the table and she did everything asked of her. It was then that I got a little nervous with leaving her there with all 'those' people.

Putting tubes in ears is a very easy surgery and only takes 10-15 minutes. A lot of Cleft kids need tubes because their ears don't drain the fluid like normal. They were pretty sure this would help the hearing loss in her right ear.

Dr. Struebel came out of surgery and informed me that he didn't put tubes in because her eardrums were already perforated. Her right ear worse than her left. He gave a few scenarios of why this might be and said she would need a hearing aid. He wants her thoroughly tested by two audiologists first. I have to say that normally I would have been devastated, but the last few days 'hearing aid' has popped up in my brain. Most likely, God preparing me for this news. I feel so bad for Isabella that it will be one more thing for her to have to deal with.
The Dr. and I talked a little too long, which I was grateful that he took the time- but she woke up and I wasn't there. The nurse had to come and get me because she was getting upset. When I got in there she was crying. I felt so bad! I held and rocked her while she told me her ears hurt. As I did this I made myself give thanks to God for this. Yes, it is hard news (I mean...who wants to wear a hearing before the age of 75?). But, there are far worse things like cancer or some incurable disease! So, we will deal with it and it will be ok.

Trey had been starving this whole time (and yes, he let me know it!), so we all went down to the cafeteria and had hard boiled eggs and dry cereal.
And lived happily ever after.

The End

See how happy this girl is? She loved that she got purple p.j.'s and her own special bed.

Trey was happy that he got the TV. Crap...he's turning into a man already!!

Isabella was having fun taking pictures of me, Trey and herself!

This was our wonderful nurse. Why I didn't get a picture of her face instead of the top of her head I'll never know. Next time.

Trey did get in on a little fun with the camera and took this very cute picture of his sister.
He took this one also. Do you like my nice, blue OR spacesuit? I got a hat to go with it!

Not looking so happy in this scary OR while being gassed!


After our hard boiled eggs and a ride in the wagon, we were on our way home!


  1. I have to're looking awfully cute for 5:30 in the am!!!
    I'm so sorry for the news you got. I know that's hard. I would imagine it might be like glasses. She'll be so happy that it helps her hear that she won't mind wearing it at all. I hope so. She is such a sweetie!

  2. i don't care how "easy" this surgery still looks scary from a mommy's perspective! glad everything went smooth!
    ps. you are seriously beautiful!!

  3. Hi,
    I will be praying for your precious daughter and her ears. Our Bao'an Babe just had her tubes a month ago. We are not sure yet how much this actually helped her hearing. So we wait to see if we need hearing aids or what. No one told us when we get our hearing checked again.
    I follow your blog because we have a Bao'an babe. Looking forward to what God has instore for you next.