Monday, September 20, 2010

Spring Is Coming

Trent created this Flip Video with little clips of our time in China WHILE IN China.
Make sense? Did I say that right?
I just now figured out how to get it to the blog.
I'm either an hour behind or a year behind.
Either way......I'm behind.
Just ask Trent.


  1. Oh my, I'm right there with ya!! Care to show me how you did that? I can't figure out the Flip to save my life!! Ahhhh!!

  2. Stacy, I LOVED it!! I've been working on our digital scrapbook of the trip, so all these images are fresh in my mind. I love the video! Wish we had video'd more! (love the two of them in the mirror!! So cute!!

  3. Thanks for sharing...and making me cry! Love you guys!!

  4. Stacy, I love your video. It resembles our own trip very much! -Heather