Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This picture of Isabella is actually the day after her birthday. She got high heels, gloves, jewelry and Fancy Nancy Leg Warmers and they have been her favorites so far.

The perfect way to end the summer is to have a birthday
and swim (one last time?).
This girl is a fish and LOVES to swim.

We have a tradition where we sing the Ice Cream and Cake song for whoever's birthday it is. Isabella knows it from Kanakuk. She has ALWAYS participated in everyone else's song and dance. But tonight she was so overwhelmed that it was all for her that she just stood there and watched everyone else sing and dance for her. I was very surprised at her shyness.

This is the look on her face as we all sang Happy Birthday. Everyday she would sing Happy Birthday to herself. When it came time for the real thing- she was very quiet.

After all the singing and cake eating. She dived right into presents.
She wasn't shy about this part of the party.

We had a princess pinata and each kiddo got a turn at trying to bust it open.
They loved it!

The Princess Palace Balloon is still flying high in the living room.

Me and my sweet Birthday Princess.

This is the "Fancy Birthday Princess"!
She's 6 going on 16.


  1. Awww!! That sweet birthday princess brought tears to my eyes! You can see how proud she was to be the center of all that attention. What a wonderful day!!

  2. I have loved looking thru your blog! We have been wondering how you guys were doing. Isabella is precious! Please tell the family we said hello. Dawn & Cole R.

  3. She's gotten so tall--such a beautiful little girl--so happy for you!!