Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fortune or Faith

Two weeks ago on a Sunday we went to the chinese restaurant after church for lunch.
We ate our rice.
We drank our Oolong tea (well, the girls did anyway).
And while I was STILL eating Trent paid the bill and brought us our fortune cookies.

Now, I do not believe in "horoscopes", "crystal balls", "palm readers", "fortune cookies" or any of that garbley gook, but I did have to pick my chin up off the floor after I read BOTH of his fortune's.

First it was Lori's idea.
Then it was mine.
:  )

He had already made the decision a few days earlier.

Now, the reason this is so relevant is that we have been working hard at getting our
home study ammended, filling out more forms for immigration and getting a file transferred to bring 2 kids home!  

As of today I can officially announce that not only will we be bringing home
Bao YunFei, but we will also be bringing home Tang Ting!!
She will turn 14 on August 2, so we are working hard and FAST to get our immigration approval through to travel sometime in July.  
The plan was for all of us to go back to China together- but it's bad timing so Trent and Trey will stay home.  We are a 4-H/FFA family and fair is always the last week of July.  Trey has a sheep, horse and chicken to take to the fair and he is SO disappointed he can't go to China.  He loves China.

So, I will be taking Isabella, Wesley and his girlfriend Kim with me.
And I am SOOOOO ready!!
Ok, not literally, like packed ready, but heart ready.    :  )

Introducing Tang Ting!!


  1. GIRL!!!!
    I think this news might have deserved a phone call!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can tell you that we will NOT be following in your footsteps this time! :)

    Love you!
    CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love it, love it, love it! You go mama, I'm soooo happy for you!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Blame me.... that's fine! But I'm blaming YOU for purple shirt girl/ Ting's best friend/ Emily... This has GOT to stop!!!! :-)