Sunday, June 19, 2011


Our LOA's (Letter of Acceptance) arrived Friday!!.... hour after we left for vacation.
We were told to print and sign the LOA's and FED EX them back asap.

Luckily my sister was still home packing the car to leave for the same place we were headed.
So, I forwarded everything to her (via TR's iPhone hot spot!) and had her print me several copies of our LOA's and I-800's.  I always need several copies as I ruin a few during the paperwork process.

So now I am on vacation trying to do very important adoption paperwork with none of my info from home, no scanner, printer or fax machine.  And the nearest FED EX store is in the town 30 minutes away!
Not to be undone by all this- it will get to my agency as soon as possible!

Now, if I only knew how to answer the questions on the I-800!!!

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  1. Have I told you how excited I am for you??!! No? OK. I'M SO TOTALLY EXCITED FOR YOU!! Go get those kiddos!!