Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another day in Zhengzhou

It's Wednesday afternoon here in Zhengzhou.
Just another day.
One day closer to home.
12 more to go.

I feel like we are boring now.
No more Gotcha Day's.
We are getting use to each other.
So what else is there to say?

We went to a park down the street this morning with a couple of other families.
It got us out of the room.  The rest of the group went to Luoyang to see their kid's orphanage.
They also get to tour Maria's Big House of Hope.  I SO BADLY wanted to go!!  But it is an 1 1/2 hour drive there and back and Sophie gets car sick and I don't think Bao Yun Fei could sit still long enough.
He's so much boy!

So, at the park we walked around and then let the kids run in a grassy spot and pick flowers.
All Bao Yun Fei wanted to do was climb trees and torment his sisters.  It's so fun to watch him come out of his shell.

Sophie is maturing already.  I see it in the way she interacts with with Isabella and Bao Yun Fei.
But she still needs a lot of attention, affection, affirmation and love.  She craves it.
Bao Yun Fei doesn't need it constantly, but every now and then he will slip me a hug.  He is so very sweet.

Kim went with the group to Luoyang.  She wanted to see where Wesley had been when he went with Show Hope a couple of years ago.  Even though she has no idea who Steven Curtis Chapman is she was excited.  I'm so glad she's getting to see it.

Art class at the park!

This poor boy needs a little more testosterone in the room!!


  1. Every day I get so excited when you have another post that we can read. Your new children are beautiful and we can see the transformation the love of family is already having on them. Hope Kim had a great experience visiting MBHOH. You are amazing!!

    Jen H.

  2. Keep on blogging! You aren't boring! We are all learning from your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. LOL...I keep laughing about Hudson being with all of you girls!! Boy is he going to LOVE Trey and Trent when he gets home!!

    It's good to move on the the "boring" stage (although it's not boring!) Keep posting...inquiring minds need to know!! We have 2 days left before we get on that plane. I'm hoping to finish packing today...yeah, right!

    It probably did Kim good to get a little break :) I would have LOVED to see Maria's House of Hope too!! Glad things are settling in!

    Love you!!