Monday, August 8, 2011

A Girl In LOVE!!



I want to maul this boy with hugs and kisses!!!!
But, I'm not.  I'm refraining myself.

He is the most adorable chinese boy I've ever seen.
Sorry to all you MaMa's out there with your cute chinese boys, but mine tops them all.
:  )  Seriously.

It feels good to have a boy again.
It feels natural.
That must be why God only birthed me boys.
I wonder what that means for my future with teenage girls.
Oh, right.  I'm gonna find out.
Like REAL soon!!
:  )
I'm still smiling.

Only he doesn't know about Hudson yet.  He's still Bao Yun Fei.
Only I've been saying it wrong!  It's pronounced Bao RIN Fei!  Who knew?!

The poor boy was scared to death!
No tears.  But the furrow in his brow was there for a LONG time.
In fact, I don't think it left his forehead until we got into the hotel room.
Although, we did get one smile while at the registration office.  He must've forgotten to be worried.
I felt so bad for him!  He didn't say a word until later on in the room.
Now he's laughing and saying a few words.
And his voice is like music to my ears!  It's deep for a boy.  He's smaller than I thought he'd be.
But smarter than a whip.
He likes Bionicles and Legos-( so Trey, you will get along great!!).
He certainly likes Isabella.  He called her over to watch TV with him.  And he called her MeiMei.
It was so sweet.
I missed his first giggle while I was out doing the paperwork (Kim was kid sitting).
But she got great pictures.

I guess you want to see pictures?
Sorry.  I forgot my camera.

Just kidding!!!!

Brace yourself.  He's darn cute!
I mean handsome.
Wait....he's adorable.

I am giddy with joy, excitement, happiness, love and something else, I'm sure.
:  )

Here he is!!

The story behind these next three pictures are TOO funny!
He sort of wandered off towards the front door.  When he put his hand on the door handle I thought to myself, "Self.  What is he doing?  Where is he going?  Oh dear.  I think he's leaving!"
I got up and ran to the door (which he was already outside) and practically jumped down the steps to catch him!  There was a parking lot he was running into and I just knew he was going to get hit by a car, van or bus!
Well, he stopped at the bushes.
And went.
I died laughing!!
I just wonder what all the chinese people outside on the steps must've been thinking.

 When you gotta go- you gotta go!!!


  1. Awwwww....Stacy, these are precious!!! I couldn't wait to get up this morning and see your sweet boy. What a cutie he is!! I am so happy for you. Richard and I sat here and died laughing at all your pictures. I just wonder what in the world he's thinking with all these girls hugging all over him :) lol...

    And who wouldn't die laughing at the pee'ing pics! That is so hysterical!! (Not an uncommon sight at this house), but I can't even imagine what you were thinking as you chased him out of that building!!!! So funny!!

    Hope you're all getting a great night's sleep and we get to see some more of those sweet smiles!!

    Love you! So happy for you!!!

  2. I agree - so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing and praying you have safe travels. They all look so happy. :)

  3. What a sweet pleasure to wake up to your PRECIOUS son! He's all YOURS Stacy! How good God is! :-) Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day! love, love, love you! Lori

  4. Seriously I am in love too!!!! :) Congratulations Stacy!!! WE are so excited for you! What hotel are you guys staying in???

  5. Congrats Stacy!! I am sure it is a huge relief to have all of your children together!! Praying for safe travels home!

  6. Oh that is hilarious about him going outside to pee! :) LOL! I would have been freaked out too. The look on his face was so was such a joy to see his smile in the last few pictures. :) Kendra-(prayingforpink on RQ)

  7. Congratulations! He is very handsome and it looks like his sisters are smitten too!! I also love seeing other new families being joined in the background of your photos!! One less!!

  8. i love glad someone had the camera during the "pee-run"...great photo memories for your life book!

  9. Stacy!! Gracious! He is GORGEOUS!! I think he has the best smile in all of Asia!! And seriously....the look on your face during the pee incident....BAHAHAHAHAH!! I have read your post like 10 times now and each time it makes me laugh harder. The 8th time I laughed so hard I had to pee....I almost went in the bushes...but at the last minute thought better of it. You are such a good momma! You can just see it beaming right out of your eyes! SO, SO happy things went so well! Keep us posted!

  10. Your son is so handsome!!!! Congratulations!!!
    I have to agree with everyone... love the peeing pictures!!! That is a "first" on all my blog hopping over the years! lol

  11. I am loving following your blog! The picture of Hudson and Isabella on the bed is PRECIOUS!!! The pee story and photos had me laughing quite hard- with 5 boys at home, I get it! Can't wait for more.
    Brooke :)

  12. He IS breathtakingly handsome! Those smiling pictures were so wonderful to see toward the end!

  13. Can not wait to see him playing with the boy crew!!! Oh my he is adorable!!!!!! So happy for you!!