Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We saw Panda's today.  I'm not going to write much tonight because everyone is in bed and I have a very sad 14 year old girl tonight.  I think I'll go try to make her feel better.  We did get to see a baby panda that was born July 24th.  This only happens once a year and we got to see it!  He only wanted to show his hind end though.  Very cute.  I will write more in the morning on how Sophie is doing. 


  1. I'm so sorry she's sad. It is inevitable though, and you want her to grieve. That's a good sign. It also shows she's getting comfortable enough with you to show her true feelings.

    Love that baby panda hiney!! So cute!!

  2. Tang Ting is a beautiful girl. It's such a huge adjustment for her, and at fourteen she understands more. I don't know if you can even begin to convey how many people are so glad she's going to be part of our family and are looking forward to getting to know her . . . in time. (How do you say "second cousin" in Chinese?) I've been staying with Mom since Dad's surgery--he is doing well and may be home next week--but you and your family are often on my mind. I check daily for news and pics. Safe travels.