Monday, October 3, 2011


That last post was not me.

That would've been Trey.
I told him I would post his FB games- but I guess I just wasn't quick enough.
Hmmmmm......reminds me of his dad.

So much goes on around here that my head is spinning.
I feel I can barely read my email let alone find the time to actually take pictures, plug in my camera, find the White Horse Drive blog button and then actually think of something to type!!

But, it's time.
Time for an update into what it's like to go from 3 to 5 kids in just a couple of months.
I'm not sure I even get to count Wesley since he's hours away and I never get to see him- but he's still mine, so he goes into the barrel with the other monkey's.

Where to start.
It's not the number of kids that make this hard.
For me it's the adjustment period.
The rules, expectations from both them and me, language barrier, lack of education.  Learning things like basic hygiene, discipline, table manners, social rules, homeschool and a lot more that you would slowly and unconsciously teach your biological child from the ages of 0 on up.
Older child adoption is HARD!
The older the child the harder it is- at least in my case.

I say this not to be negative in any way- it's just the way it is.
I told God that if He wanted me to I would "do hard".  I've never been afraid of hard.  It's just not fun or easy.  Yes, there are issues.  But nothing major and nothing we can't handle at this point in time.
Who knows what the future will bring as healing begins for them.

Here are the positive things happening!

Trey is playing football and LOVES it!!  His big brother will got to watch him play 2 weeks ago for the first time and Trey was so excited!  He does an awesome job on the field.
Isabella is still the "love and joy" around here and can't wait to go upstairs everyday and have school!!  She gets so excited when she finds out she gets to "go to school"!!
Sophie is doing great with her English and is doing well with school.  It's not easy for her and she doesn't know much, but I can say with confidence that she is not slow- only uneducated and has no life experiences.
Hudson is sharp.  He amazes me at how quickly he learns.
And for the first time, on our one month home anniversary (September 20th, 2011), he told me he loved me.  Yes he did!!!  And I'm pretty sure he meant it, because he wouldn't say it before.  And like I said- he ain't no dummy!  That boy knows what love is.  He's had a lot of it in his short life by someone and my guess is his biological mommy.  Just a guess.

In the last month we have had a lot of football, started school, had two birthdays, learned to ride a bike, watch Disney movies in Chinese, been to AWANA, rode a horse, dedicated our dark haired children to the Lord, been to the dentist (that in itself is a post!), the hairdresser, the chiropractor, the audiologist, the ENT and the ZOO!

The dedication service at church.
Hudson was pouting because he wanted Johnnye!   There is something about her that he just loves!

The first touchdown of the season for the Junior Jays!!

I love the age where they still wave and say, "Hi Mom!"
Don't ever grow up!!

Yes.  He is one of the coaches.
Maybe this is why the kids like him so much!!
No words needed.


  1. YES!!! A new post! ...made my day!!! I SOOOOO love this family! Can't wait for Thanksgiving! :-)

  2. Miss you guys :'( Trying to make it up there for Thanksgiving!


  3. Have missed your updates--wondering how the two new family members are doing!
    In Christian Love,
    Grandma to 5