Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another First

A couple days before I left for China to bring Hudson and Sophie home, I ran into my UPS man, Ben.  I told him I was going to China!  Bringing home a couple more!
He was surprised as he hadn't heard the news.  (Usually in a small town everyone knows everything about everybody-- it seems.)
After I told him I was bringing home an 8 year old boy and 14 year old girl he looked straight at me and said, "You know-  they have really good wrestlers in China!"
I didn't know.

You see, Ben was a wrestler, as were his boys.
Wrestling is a big deal here (along with a few other sports) in our little town.
I casually said, "Oh.  Do they?"  And thought nothing more of it.

Fast forward.

I knew within a few weeks of coming home that Hudson would be a wrestler.
He's got it in him.

So, yesterday was another first for Hudson.
And boy was he excited!!
His first wrestling tournament!

Both boys wrestled.  Both did a GREAT job!
Trey's age division is much tougher this year so he really had to work hard for his medal.
I don't think Hudson cared what place he got as long as he got that medal to hang around his neck!

Trey has been the biggest help to Hudson.  He goes to beginners practice with him to make sure he understands.  He helps him at home practice the moves.  And most of all he encourages him.
Hudson would not have had the confidence he does without his GeGe.

Hudson won 2nd place
and Trey won 4th!!!
Both winners in my book!!

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  1. That is awesome!! What a bonding time for brothers, to share something that they love. I love that Trey goes to his practices to make sure he sweet! Go boys!!
    (I have never been to a wrestling match!)