Friday, September 7, 2012

It's been quite crazy busy around here the last couple of weeks!
Football has started for Trey, school has started for us, birthdays, sleepovers at the farm, Awana, and football games to cheer at!!  We also did our LAST post placement report!!  Yea!!!

Wesley and Kim came home from a rainy honeymoon in Cabo and took a day to pack a trailer and head north!  They slept their first night in their new home last night!  Trent is on his way home from visiting and reported that they are so happy to finally be in their own place.

We just finished our second week of school and I have to say it's been a lot of work for everyone to adjust.  The great part about school this year is that we have added a new teacher!!
My sister, Olivia is here to help with the load and I KNOW FOR SURE I couldn't do this without her!
She is awesome!!

First day of school!!

I assure you.....I felt the same way.
I wonder how he would do at pubic school?  :  )

The Birthday Buddies!

On our way home from our last post placement report we stopped at the farm to check the minnow traps
and feed the fish.  All the kids love to go to the farm!!

Isabella attended Cheer Camp this year.
Last Friday at our first home FB game she got to do her thing!!
And yes.....she LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it!!

Izzy... break out into a dance all on her own?!!
Oh YA, BABY!!!!!

The highlight of my week was going to the first K-State FB game of the year!!
It's been a couple of years since I've been and it was SO fun!!
It was my niece, Johnnye's, birthday and she asked me to go!
She said I'm the only one who knows how to get around in Manhattan.   But I think she really wanted me to go
because she thinks I'm such a cool aunt.
Right, Johnnye?   :  )
This is how Jen and I looked after sitting in the bleachers sweating in the 90 degree weather.  Nice.

 Awana Games

Trey's first FB game is tomorrow.  I love football and can't wait to watch him score some touchdowns!!

No. 7 makes a touchdown!!


  1. Looks like you're definitely keeping busy! Crazy how it always seems to be that way! Let's talk soon!!

  2. Those pictures of Isabella dancing literally made me laugh out loud!!! She is hilarious!!! I can't wait to see everyone again!!! We miss you already!

    Your daughter in law :)