Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another life changing event?

Two years ago this summer I was in China for 24 days bringing home Sophie and Hudson.

Last summer my oldest, Wesley, married Kim.

And I remember saying I just wanted one summer without a life changing event.

Wesley and Kim moved to North Dakota for job opportunities.
We started homeschool with my sister helping me.  Yea!
All was back to normal day to day stuff.

Then Wesley and Kim came home for Thanksgiving and surprised me with this.

Photo: Say hello to our new little bundle of joy!!! We're expecting this summer!! :) :)
Yes, I am.
A grandma.

Then in December Trent and I decided to make a huge move....... 


So in the next few weeks we will be making our way down to
Kerrville, Texas.
Home of Johnney Football.
Who beat out my Alma Mater Heisman candidate Colin Klein.
(I will still wear purple and fly my Wildcat flag!!)

All this to say......
another life changing summer is heading my way!!!


  1. Welcome to TX. Not sure where your city is, but we are in West TX, in a small city named Andrews. We are talking of homeschooling our 6 year old adopted from China. We have 4 older kids, all in college.
    Thaks for sharing your blog.

  2. Wow Stacy!! And to think that your Mom will be a Great Grandma! Norton is losing a great family! Best of luck in Texas and Please! Keep us updated with your blog!! Someday we will meet up!

  3. I did not know there was going to be a baby!!!! What a great adventure your sweet family is on. You'll be alot closer to us, so that makes me happy :) Talk you all!!

  4. Stacy!
    This is exciting news. We need to keep in touch. Please email me your new mailing and email address!
    Keep blogging...

    Christine Teagarden