Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beach Birthdays

Friday morning at 6am (2 days before birthday day!) I mentioned to Trent that we should surprise Hudson & Isabella with a trip to the beach for their birthdays.  Both have birthdays on the 30th.

We quickly researched where to go, found an RV spot ON THE BEACH, quickly loaded up and left.  A couple of hours down the road I gave each of them a basket of beach toys as a clue to where we were headed.  We let Trey in on the secret earlier that morning and he was just as excited as they were!

We arrived late afternoon, set up camp and headed to the beach.
Every one of us had an amazing time.  The kids spent hours digging in the sand and busting waves.
Even Jack loved it!!
The walk to the beach from our RV consisted of hiking over a berm and crossing the road.

We will definitely be going back.


  1. So nice to see you blog again....a year between is just too long!
    The children have grown so much and are all handsome and
    beautiful....what a fun day to spend together.