Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet Jack



Trey & Jack

This is Jack, our new Yellow Lab.  Losing our Golden Retriever, Sidney, (who was 13 1/2 years old) and seeing the decline in our Yellow Lab, Max (13 years old in May) helped us decide (me decide....with some opposition from hubby) that it was time to get another dog.  I've been thinking ahead, with the adoption soon on the horizon, that I don't want to have a new puppy, go to China, come home jet lagged and exhausted, and work on attachment all at the same time! Not to mention, there will be two other kids and a husband to take care of.  So, thanks to my brother-in-law John, who let someone know we were kind of looking, we now have Jack.  Other than pooping in his kennel at night, he is the sweetest little guy!  Trey has fun playing with him, Trent has fun cuddling with him, (although I don't know that he'll admit that!), and I just have fun loving him!  Wesley, our oldest, is away at college and can't wait to meet Jack.  He really took it hard when Sidney died.  He's a softy that way.  He was 6 years old when we got Sidney and they grew up together.  You know what they say...."every boy needs a dog."  Now Trey has the same opportunity that Wesley did.  So, meet Jack, the newest blessing on White Horse Drive.

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