Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 5

Today was medical examination day.
Any child over the age of 2 has to have a TB test and have them
read in 48 hours. She watched them stick the needle
in her arm and give her a bubble under her skin and didn't even flinch.
It was a very quick look at each child. Not much of
an exam. She did great.
Trent and I think we've got the best one. She is perfect.
We are still calling her XiaoHua. Our guide Rosa is going
to start talking to her about her new family name in little
increments. She is very much her own person and I think
to all of a sudden change her name would not be good
for her. She amazes me with some of the
things she does or knows how to do.
She is very routine. She washes her hands like a surgeon.
She can put 4 pony tails in her hair and use her fingers doing
it better than I can. She can remember how to get back to our room.
There are so many other little things- I just can't tell them all here.
Let's just say- this girl is smart. And sweet. And funny.
She's perfect.


  1. XiaoHua looks great! Her skin and hair looks so much healthier than Baden's did when we got him in July '07. She sounds like a tremendous firecracker too! Ni kwhy kwhy XiaoHua! (My very poor phonetic Pinyin for "You're good XiaoHua!)

  2. What a wonderful journal you are keeping, Stacy! Reading it is almost as good as being with you on this incredible journey.

    I can't wait to meet your little girl! She is the perfect addition to your family and it's easy to hear how in love with her you already are.

  3. Hi Richmonds...still loving following you along in your journey. Thank you for allowing us. Can you please try to tell us how to pronounce XiaoHua? Still sending prayers. Laurie Cliff

  4. oh my, I've finally learned to grab the box of kleenexes BEFORE I read your blog! Now, I need to go buy more! We're so excited and absolutely canNOT wait to meet XiaoHua!! We love you guys and praying for you. Love Aunt Ollie and the Krehbiel Klan