Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 4

Today we went to another government building and did something. I really don't know what it was we did. Afterwards, we went shopping.
The stores here are so different. Can't even explain it. They are smaller than my bathroom and have so much stuff crammed in them!
XiaoHua got 2 pair of shoes, a pink coat and 2 traditional chinese outfits.

*Lori, you're right. The kids shoes here are sooo cute! Why doesn't America have shoes like this?*

We spent the rest of the day inside playing with balloons and coloring. Her and Trey had a blast with the balloons. It is so funny to hear her laugh! She is such a fun kid and has a great sense of humor. She's so good natured!
She got mad at Trey a few times today and told on him twice! It's funny to hear her tattle in Chinese.
I've been getting kisses today. Trent still can't hold her or do anything for her. But she still continues to tease him and make faces at him. They are too funny with each other.
When it was time for bed I told her to get up in bed, she looked at Trey (who was watching a movie with Trent) and told him (in Chinese of course), that it was time for bed and he needed to get there now! It was hilarious. She is such a little mother. We keep comparing her to Emma.
She doesn't call Trey by his name, she calls him ge ge. It's so sweet!

Shopping in Guangzhou

Helping Trey with his homework.

Coloring and journaling.

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