Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 3

It seems we are gone most of the day and when we are here in the room
my full attention is on XiaoHua. Twice I have fallen asleep in bed with my clothes on, makeup on and contacts in. I am so tired at the end of the day because we are up very early and I carry her nearly all day long!
I won't complain though. It's like finding that dance with your newborn where you learn how to fit with each other. It's much better than the alternative- her not wanting me to hold or touch her at all. Poor Trent can't do anything with her or for her. Although, she talks to him and laughs at him. She will even share with him. One funny thing she does is tells him to carry everything so I can carry her! He's been our pack mule for the last few days. He says he's ok with that and at least she is attaching with one of us.

Day 3
We started the day off with Trey Skyping to his class at 4:45 am! He thought that was pretty cool seeing all his classmates! Emma's class came in also, along with Aunt Ollie and Jarrett!
At 9am wee went to a Chinese Garden. It was beautiful! And huge!
And I had to carry her through most of it.
Trey and XiaoHua had fun feeding the fish.
She is coming a little more out of her shell. She ran ahead a little, but never out of our sight. She listens very well and when needs to be told no- is ok with it and always listens.
She thinks Trey is funny and they tease each other and laugh.
Some of her favorite things:
coloring book and markers, cameras, cell phones, computers, alarm clock- anything tech,
headbands, hairbows, and anything girly.
She isn't into her dolly- she has only tucked it into bed once and that was it.
Tonight we went swimming- she is great in the water! Isn't scared at all- but wanted me to hold her the whole time. She is going to have so much fun in the back yard this summer.
We also painted her fingernails and she LOVED that! She's very girly.

Trey Skyping his class.

Trey and XiaoHua feeding the fish at the Chinese Garden.
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At the Garden. We needed a picture in front of the flowers
because her name means "little flower".

Our family picture at the garden. With very tired kids.

Minutes before this picture Trent was just saying how his feelings
were hurt because no chinese have asked him to take his picture
with them! At the end of the garden 2 chinese men asked him.
And he was happy to do it!!
For some strange reason ALL chinese give the peace sign
when getting their picture taken.

Part of the garden.

Chickens in the back of a truck. Thousands of them!!!!

XiaoHua found her lip gloss and couldn't get enough of it.
She spent lots of time applying one after the other.

Getting her nails done.

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  1. I am loving catching up on your trip and that XiaoHua is adjusting well. Tell Trent that my husband knows exactly how he's feeling, well we both do actually.. Savannah flat out rejected Scott and Baden me in the beginning. She'll come around. You are completely right about the peace sign! The Chinese university exchange student teacher who stayed with my parents last year, and is here now going to the local community college, does the same thing in pictures. Take care and have fun!