Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 2 with Isabella

XiaoHua slept all night last night. I even got her up to go to the bathroom and she went right back to sleep. When she woke up she was fine! She was excited to get dressed and talk on Skype and then go eat breakfast.
At 9:30am this morning we went back to the Civil Affairs office to finish the paperwork we weren't able to yesterday. Trent was a little worried about her going back there for fear she might get upset all over again.
I don't know what changed (except for the Magic Bath!), because she is happy and outgoing!

(*Like you said, Doug, "When all else fails, stick them in the tub!!"* )

The only thing different is, that she won't let Trent hold her or help her do anything. She also wants me to carry her everywhere. I'm not minding that part!
When we were leaving the Civil Affairs building one of the cleaning ladies that was there yesterday saw us again and was happy, excited and talking to me and XiaoHua about how wonderful it was to see her so happy today! It was so sweet to be able to communicate the joy between us without being able to speak the same language.
We then went to the Notary's Office to be interviewed. The man was so very nice. He even talked to XiaoHua and drew her a picture in her notebook. He asked us why we wanted to adopt her, if we liked her, would we ever abandon her and how we would take care of her.
As we left, Trent asked Rosa if anyone had ever flunked this part of the process. Haha!
We went back to the hotel to get the other two families and went to another government building to apply for XiaoHua's visa. This is also where they gave us our adoption decree. Whatever that means!
After lunch we all went to a park. It was beautiful. There were people throughout the whole park doing very different activities. We saw people playing hackey sac, ballroom dancing, thai chi (?), dancing with ribbons and fans, badminton, ping pong and so much other neat stuff! It had kiddy playground equipment also! It was the coolest park I've ever seen.
Had KFC for lunch. It was gross.
Had Pizza Hut for supper. It was ok.
Breakfast is pretty good here. They have something for everyone, every religion and every culture.
Trey has been so great on this trip. He still thinks getting a sister is one of the best things ever.

Some things I've learned about XiaoHua today-
She loves fruit! Shares with everyone. Is amazingly smart for a five year old. Is very organized.
Has great motor skills. Loves to take baths! Loves to put bows, barretts and headbands in her hair. Really likes anything with technology, such as: cell phones, alarm clocks, computer, cameras- you name it, she wants to see it, touch it and push it's buttons.

I forgot to add these yesterday. This was on Gotcha Day, right
after her bath. I am calling it The Miracle Bath, because whatever
happened in that tub- changed her outlook completely!

Trey working out at the park with the locals.

At the park.

Our first breakfast and day two together.

This is also after the Miracle Bath- because it is the only time she
has let Trent hold her!

After the park- another bath!

She is loving all her new girly things.

You have to wonder what is going through her mind
with all she has been through in the last two days

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