Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gotcha Day

(From Stacy)

At 1:30pm we left the hotel to exchange our money at the bank for the orphanage. Trent took a picture of me and Rosa, our guide, in the bank and the chinese police jumped up and started yelling. We thought for a minute we'd have to bail him out of chinese jail!

After that we drove to the civil affairs office to pick her up.
We didn't know she was already there in the next room and didn't really have time to think about how or what or when!

When the 2 nannies brought her out she was smiling and she looked at us and said mama and baba. But, when they told her to go to us she cried out "NOOOOO!" and tried to hide behind the nannies. They quickly ordered us to get out any snacks or toys that we brought her to calm her down and get her interested in us. It didn't really work.
After a few minutes she saw them getting into the elevator to leave- she tried to run after them. Rosa was a big help in talking to her and trying to get her to understand.

XiaoHua was very angry and wanted no part of us or what was happening to her. I finally picked her up and carried her into the next room and just held her for awhile trying to talk whatever chinese I could remember! She kicked, screamed, cried, arched her back- did everything she could to get away from me.

She came with a little pink bag and a few things that we had sent her and when I opened it to talk about her belongings it made her even more mad. I was NOT to touch her stuff!

When Trent got done filling out the paperwork he and Trey came in to take over so I could sign it, I noticed her trying to dodge them to get out of the room. It was horrible. She was so upset! Later, when Rosa was trying to talk to XiaoHua, I came over to them and she looked at me and put her hand in front of her face to say, "No, no, no, no, no!" Oh, she didn't like me one bit!

Rosa decided it would be best if we finished the paperwork tomorrow since she was having such a difficult time with everything- which was fine with us AND XiaoHua!

I carried her to the elevator, down to the van and sat her on my lap all the way to the medical office where she had to be checked by a doctor to see if she was still contagious with her chicken pox. It was when she was leaving the doctor's office that she looked to me to hold my hand. Progress. Although, I know she was certain she was going back to her orphanage and I was allowed to hold her hand to do that.

We went to a store called a Carrefour, something like a very crowded Walmart with several stories to get some bottled water. I carried her the whole time and she clung to me. I think maybe because of all the people and things and noises, etc. It was probably a little overwhelming to her.

After that we went back to the hotel. I didn't carry her into the hotel- she wanted to walk- and immediately she knew this wasn't where she intended to go- she started crying again and turned around and started leaving. She also wanted to be with our guide, Rosa, instead of us.

I picked her up and we hurried up to our room where I held her and let her cry for about 20 minutes. When she was done we let her check us out and showed her a few things in her new bag we got her. She still didn't want us touching her bag or it's contents.

We ordered room service for supper. She asked to take a bath and loved every bit of it! She put her new jammies on and has been absolutely FINE ever since!! She is definitely very girly and loves to put head bands and bows in her hair. She loves her new clothes and shoes. She is most proud of her pink, princess slippers.

That's all for now. We'll give an update on day 2 tomorrow.
Tzsai jyan!

Where all Guondong province children are adopted.

Walking into the civil office affair

When they first brought her out.

Decided she didn't really want to do this.

At the civil affairs office

In the van on our way back to the motel.

At the motel room.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. I will continue to pray all goes well and that you all adjust! Scarey for ALL of you. Thinking of you LOTS! Ann

  2. What a precious addition to your family - we are praying for your days ahead and for all of you the feel the presence of God's grace and goodness. It will just keep getting better and better!

  3. Richmond family, you are ALL in our prayers. As each day goes by, things will get easier, for each of you. Thank you so much for posting and allowing us to follow along. Please know that so many of us are praying for good days ahead of bonding and many delightful things. Laurie

  4. Oh, Stacy, reading this was so emotional for me...can't imagine what is was for all of you! I'm sure a mixture of joy and pain....yes, it will get easier and easier. I am SO anxious to meet lil'Isabella (she's adorable!)and hear all about your trip. I've enjoyed catching up on all your blogs...thank you for taking the time! Our prayers are with you. Katie