Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am sooooo NOT HAPPY.
In fact, I'm so mad I sound like a sailer.

Yesterday our agency figured out they hadn't gotten our passports from us to be able to get our Visa's. So, since we had 30 minutes until Fed Ex pick up we same day Fed Ex'd our passports to them in Virginia. This morning they hadn't gotten them. The passports were still in Norton! Our weather was bad and so they didn't get picked up. It wasn't THAT bad out!!
So, now we will probably get to Beijing on Sunday. Fly to Guangzhou on Monday. Makes NO SENSE!!!!!! I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PISSED is more like it!

Only 2 things made me a tiny bit happy today.

1. Olivia came to clean my house.
Thank God for sisters!

2. I was putting a battery in a small princess flashlight I got for Isabella and found this..........

I have never seen WHERE in China something was made.
Usually it just says MADE IN CHINA.
Shenzhen is where Isabella is from.
10/2009 is when we decided to switch to Special Needs.
How cool is that?

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  1. Stacy, how incredible is tht about the flashlight details! I'm so sorry to learn that Isabella has chicken pox and that it is making its way through Longgang. Is there any medication you can take, aside from something to control the pain from itching? I can't wait to read that you are finally on your way and able to finally go get your girl :)