Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here we go!

Ok.  Here's what it looks like.

Thurs.  28th  Leave US for Beijing.
Friday. 29th  Arrive in Beijing
Sat.   30th  Tour Beijing (Great Wall, etc.)
Sun.  31st  Leave Beijing, go to hotel, then go to Chengdu orphanage and get Sophie!!
Mon.  1st  Adoption registration, notarization and apply for her passport.
Tues. 2nd  Happy Birthday Sophie!!
Wed.  3rd Tour Panda Preservation Site
Thurs. 4th Tour Wuhou Temple
Friday 5th  Receive notarized adoption documents & registration certificate.
Sat.  6th Tour Kuan Zhai Alley
Sun. 7th  Leave Chengdu for Zhengzhou
Mon. 8th  Gotcha Day for Hudson!!!
Tues. 9th  Adoption paperwork
Wed. 10th  Free day
Thurs. 11th  Free day
Fri. 12th  Receive Hudson's passport and leave Zhengzhou for Guangzhou
Sat.  13th  Kid's physicals and visa photo taken.
Sun.  14h  Free day
Mon.  15th  TB test read
Tues.  16th  Free Day
Wed.  17th  Consulate Appointment
Thurs.  18th  Free Day
Friday  19th  Leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong
Sat. 20th  Leave Hong Kong for HOME!!!

We have way too many free days because we bought our tickets before we had TA.  I wanted to make sure we had tickets to get there!  I know I will be ready to come home long before it's time. When I think about how long I will be there it makes me  homesick.  24 days is too long!

Gotta go pack.  Again.
Or unpack.  Again.
Because my luggage weighs too much.


  1. Anxiously waiting for the "We are in China!" post!! Happy travels my friend!

  2. we miss you already..... tr & trey

  3. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! Ok- if you can read these- Zhenzhou- the zoo is fun, there is a big mall that is great to walk around and an even better pastry shop on the street by the mall. Helpful I know. There are huge opulent stores everywhere. Michael took the kids to the Historical museum too- and said it was good. No, I mean, NO other caucasians. We are praying. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  4. Earth to to China....stalkers over here needing an update!! You doing ok??

  5. Serious!!! :) Praying for you!!