Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm still alive in China!

First of all-  I have no computer skills.
Trent should have been here at least to keep me online!!
And to make sure I get where I'm going on time.

I will post pictures of Gotcha Day first (since that's why you're all here) and explain after that.

She is the sweetest thing ever.  I wasn't sure how this was all going to go down.  Had no idea what to expect.  But the pictures speak for themselves.  Details after pictures.

Isabella ready to meet her JieJie!

Inside the front doors

First meeting

Tang Ting and Isabella took to each other right away.

She had the photo album I had sent her and pulled it out to show me she had gotten it.

And then she wanted us to see the pictures of her.

Kim got out from behind the camera to get her photo taken also!

Waiting to leave the orphanage.

The first 2 days were traveling.  We left at 5am Thursday morning and arrived in Beijing around  midnight Friday night there which would have been 11am on Friday at home.  Long travels.
We got about 3 hours of sleep and left the hotel room at 7am for breakfast and to tour the Great Wall, Jade Factory and the Olympic site.   After all that we saw the Chinese Acrobat show which was amazing!  Kinda gross, too.  No body should ever bend like that.
We got back to our room around 8:30pm exhausted.  To bed around 10pm (which was when Trent called and chewed me out for not calling him, which I had but he didn't answer, because he was worried and then he almost bought a ticket to China.  I don't even think he know where in I am in China)  and up at 5am to leave for Chengdu.
So, I feel like for the first 4 days all we've done is sit in a car/van/bus, plane or airport.  And when we aren't, we are so tired that I don't have the energy physically or mentally to blog.
Sorry everyone!  I know I hate it when bloggers don't post their Gotcha Days and after!!
I am better now and there is still one more Gotcha Day to come- so hang with me.

We got to the airport in Beijing and waited for our flight which left 50 minutes late.  As soon as we landed we found our luggage and guide, went to the squatty potties and then headed straight for the orphanage.  They had never let one of their kids go on a weekend, without a TA in hand and were hesitant to do so.  But with the 24 hour harmony period they were willing to let her go with the understanding that she stay in the hotel room for safety's sake.

As soon as she saw us she gave full hugs and called me "mother".  She had smiles and showed us all she had in her backpack.  She kept touching Isabella's face.  Very sweet.

On the way to the hotel (which was an hour ride) she fell asleep.  I'm assuming it was a very long and stressful day for her.  Now I know that she get's car sick!!  That happened yesterday on our way to the Notary Office.
I am officially her mother- I cleaned up her puke.
We checked in (under Kim's name because my passport was missing) and ordered room service.
She is sweet and loving, has a small quiet voice when she talks, and is taking it all in with courage.
When we left the orphanage she told the orphanage director that she wasn't going to cry.
And she hasn't.

Today is her birthday and I will post pictures our time tonight.  Which is your morning.
Stay tuned!!


  1. Congratulations!! She looks very happy and stoic at the same time! Can't wait to hear more!! You go Mama!!

  2. Oh praise God! You crack me up....officially her mother, cleaned up her puke. Ha! Praying for you my friend!!

  3. Yay!! I am so happy to see a post! First of all...she is beautiful!! You can see her sweet spirit in her eyes. You can see just how happy she is to have a mom.

    Richard and I were cracking up at your comment about Trent flying to China...but not even knowing where you were!!! lol...You are SO right!! And the puke...priceless!!

    But to see pictures of that brave girl and hear that she told them she wasn't going to cry, turned this mom into a puddle. It is just amazing to see how brave these children are...to leave everything they know behind. Just breaks my heart. Stacy...she was within days of aging out of that orphanage! Instead, she gets to come home with you to an amazing life and family!! Thank you God!!!

    Love you...you are amazing!! Can't wait to see Gotcha #2!!!

  4. So happy for you all *TEARS*
    Love you!

  5. Congratulations! I found your site through another one (Di's) and I'm so I glad I did! Your pictures brought back so many memories of our trip to Chengdu 5 1/2 years ago. Our daughter is from Chengdu, too. Blessings as you finalize both adoptions. Diana (from FL)