Tuesday, August 2, 2011

14th Birthday

Today was Tang Ting's birthday.  We had an awesome Sichuan chinese meal and then had birthday cake.
She got a camera for her birthday and LOVES it.
Pizza Hut for supper and Haagen Das for dessert.

Kim wrote an extra long post for the previous one and when we clicked to publish it- it was gone because the internet had gone out.  SO FRUSTRATING!!  I will have her post it again.

This is a slice of chocolate that says Tang Ting in Chinese.

She loves her camera!


  1. I am in tears!!!! Oh my word. She is beautiful!!!!!!! :) I love how she is just holding on to you and sweet mei mei. Praying for you guys!!! XOXO

  2. This is so exciting!! What a perfect gift for her!! She just looks so sweet! So happy for you!

  3. Happy Birthday! Happy and safe travels too!

  4. Oh....she is beautiful..just beautiful... I'm getting my iPad wet with tears...so I'll email ya later!!! Love you... Love you!! :)

  5. So happy, excited, full of awe and wonder! Praying for you, love you and excited to meet your new family members some day soon. God and angels are dancing! Annie

  6. Hi Stacy, first off congratulations and I wish you safe travel. I just wanted to reassure you, too, that homeschooling will be a great choice for Sophie; and, I bet you are surprised at how fast she catches up to her age level. So, go forward in faith! All the best, Rebecca Berg