Friday, July 15, 2011

I called my Immigration Officer yesterday.
She doesn't have my paperwork.  Said she should've had it a long time ago.

Agency is saying there is barely enough time to get there with the last few steps needed to get done.
And it's Friday again.  Two days of no work for the government.  Two days lost to get on it.

So.....I'm asking for prayers.
Pray that my I800 provisional approval is expedited to the NVC which then needs to be sent immediately  to the Consulate in Guangzhou.
Pray that we get TA as soon as possible for BOTH kids!  There is a chance they will make us turn around and make a second trip to get Hudson.
Pray that I can get everything done I need to before I leave for 3 weeks.

Mostly, pray that all this paperwork flies through at lightening speed so that Sophie has the chance at life with a family who already loves her.


  1. Stacy,
    Will be praying! So frustrating! Hold on to the knowledge that God is going to make things work and if it means two trips, maybe he wants you to have time with one before you get the other. So excited for you and so wish I could be the one going with you! Love ya friend! Ann

  2. WHAT??? Oh Stacy I am praying.. I am praying. Email me. Call me. XOXO