Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm weary.
Weary of wondering when.
Weary of thinking.
Thinking what, how, how much, what, who, how.  
You know....all those things that run through your mind while you're waiting.
Waiting to double the amount of kids at home.
I'm weary and just want to hurry up and go.
Hurry up and get my kids.
And then hurry up and come home.

It seems for the last 2 months my life has been at a stand still.
It seems all I do is fill out forms.
Notarize documents.  Certify documents. Authenticate documents.
Read instructions.  Read lists.  Make lists.  Check off lists.
My garden is a jungle of weeds.
My house is a mess.
My kids watch too much tv.
But, I'm packing.   And moving bedrooms around.  And painting bedrooms.  
And buying beds.
(Only not in that order.)
I just want to hurry up and go and come home so I can have my life back.
I'm weary.

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there. What provinces will you be going to? Once they are home the pain of the long wait disappears!