Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As I sit here in the dark listening to Sophie snore, I wanted to show you what we had for supper tonight.

Those who know me, know it's not what I would normally feed my children.
But, hey!  I did throw in some mixed nuts and yogurt for the protein and dairy!
At this point, I'm just trying to survive.  The less I leave my hotel room, the easier it is to keep my children in sight.
I'm just sayin'......
(And remember....I've mentally checked out.)

Tomorrow is Thursday.
That means one more day until Hong Kong and two more days (or 3 if you count Saturday twice) till home.
But I'm not even going to think about it until tomorrow night when I'm packing my suitcases.
People in our group started leaving yesterday.  They will all be gone by tomorrow.
I'm gonna miss them.  Most of them asked me everyday how I was doing or if I needed anything.
A couple of the dads even helped with Hudson.

It's amazing how adoption can bring people together to form a special bond.


  1. Hang in there honey! I am feeling for you! Will pray safe travels home and exhaustion leaves QUICKLY! Love you and so excited for you!

  2. Not doing Hong Kong Disney? A good place to wear the kids out....and the Mommy too!! Three in tow isn't for the faint of heart!! Fortunately I had two that spoke English!! It will all be fond memories soon and you'll be itching to go back and do it all again!! (I know I AM..wanting to do it...but hubby still says "NO")

  3. Girl...NO judgement here...Survival!!! THat's the goal...just survive. I am sure you will never be so happy to see that hubby as when you get off that plane!!

    Love you!

  4. Wish I was still there with you!! I miss you guys a lot!!! Praying for your safe ride home! I'll be in Norton with 'Big GeGe' when you get back! :)


  5. Stacy, we've been reading and praying every day. I'm focused on just praying you guys home. I'm praying for sleep and that the time you have left goes really fast. Michelle Wiger

  6. If I was to make a wild guess, I would say that the picture above is almost an exact duplicate of Trent and Trey's suppers lately...minus the nuts. The difference would be that they probably think it's good for them. :-D Looking forward to "homecoming". See you in a few days!


  7. Love this dinner. Looks like several that we have had. Wish we could be there to welcome you home!! :)

  8. Happy trails to you. The trip is rough but you'll do fine (with lots of prayer support). Let us know when you're ready for company. We'd love to meet your new family!
    PS - we had ice cream for dinner more than once!