Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Day

Yes it was.
Another day.
One more day to check off the calendar.
One more day closer to home.

I'm numb at this point.
I don't feel like home is close enough to get excited.
On Friday when I start packing for Hong Kong is when my heart will soar!
Until then, it's just another day in China.

Today we went to Shamian Island and shopped at Jordan's.
He is a sweet Chinese Christian man who owns a shop here where most adoptive parents come to buy STUFF.  And he has a lot of stuff!
He walked us out the door with our STUFF and then he held each one of our hands at the same time and prayed for us right there on the sidewalk.  What a sweet precious man.

Then the kids and I walked over to Lucy's and shared a BLT and Peanut Butter sandwich.  After that we barely had enough money for a cab ride back to the hotel!

Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment.  Then on Thursday I will get the kid's visas.  Friday we leave for Hong Kong and Saturday we fly home.

Yes.  This blog is officially boring.
I feel like I have nothing to write about.
Probably because I've mentally checked out.

I'll try to have something more exciting tomorrow.
No promises though.

I'll leave you with a few pics of our day.

Our White Couch photo at the China Hotel.   : )

My little man.

Jordan from Shamian Island

Stopping to see the Koi fish at the White Swan Hotel


  1. I know you are so ready to get home!! I can't imagine...3 weeks is a LONG time. We are already ready to get to GZ! I can't believe you are leaving Friday night and we are getting there Friday night!! UGH!!! I'm going to try to find you on skype and call you tomorrow!!

    Love you!

  2. Stacey, I have LOVED following your blog while you've been in China getting those precious kiddos. Love seeing you with three Chinese kids-what a blessing. I know Trent and Trey can't wait to meet the newest family members. Congratulations from Jason and I. So glad God has called you all to adopt and we have that in common. Love you all and can't wait to hug your newest next year at kamp.

  3. Love Jordan!!! :) Glad you are on your last leg. Love you guys and praying for these last LOOOOOONGGGG days. Oh I remember it well. XOXO

  4. Stacy,
    Hang in there, your almost home. I know how hard it was for me being in China without my husband (he is my voice of reason in the flesh)! Congratulations!

    Cathy (Naomi's Mom)

  5. Praying for you!!! Can't wait to have you back here!!! Love you!!!

    Ps....oh my goodness our boys in hemets and pads are too funny...and soooooo very adorable (buy don't tell them I said that!!) lov you!!!

  6. Stacy,
    I am so sorry I missed you in Guangzhou! I ran into some of your travel-mates (Bailey's Mom) twice... Congratulations on your new additions. I pray that you have a very un-eventful trip home where I know there will be some very welcoming arms to help you off that plane!!!!