Sunday, August 14, 2011

They Came

They came yesterday at the pool.
Again, last night more came.
Actually, it was a LOT!

The tears.
Hudson has finally let it out.

He had to sit with me at the pool yesterday because he did something I told him not to.
He knew he was in trouble and his eyes welled up with big tears and when they fell he wrapped his arms around my waist and needed a hug.  I didn't see this coming.
While in the pool he wanted to splash or hang on Sophie.  I won't let him near her because he'll drown them both (remember neither one can swim!).  Again, for just a sec- he teared up.  He never cried though.

Since I've had him I've noticed he really likes to watch TV.  Especially at night.  When I shut the TV off he immediately wanted to get in bed with Sophie.  I told him no and he didn't like that.  Every time he asked and I said no he would thrash his little stout body (it's a very weak thrash I might add) for about 2 seconds.

It started out with just tears in his eyes.
Then the tears fell, no noise though.  Lot's of sniffing.  I could tell he was holding back.
Every minute or so he would ask to go to Sophie and every time I said no.  After awhile he started crying and then it turned into wailing.  It probably lasted an hour.

This morning he took the remote from Isabella and when I told him to give it back (gently) he started crying again and wanted me to hold him.  I think a breakthrough has been made!  He didn't ask for his JieJie!!  He has the sweetest heart.  I understand now why he wants TV at night.  It takes his mind off of being homesick.
The shock of being with new people has worn off and now the new fun has worn off.  Reality has hit and this just might be the hardest part for him.
Please pray for his sweet heart.  He is a sad little boy right now and even though I keep telling him it'll be ok he just doesn't know it.  And it breaks my heart to see him cry (although I know this is a good thing).


  1. Sweet boy. We are praying for your sweet Hudson. XOXO

  2. Oh bless his little heart! Can't wait to see the pictures start rolling in over the next few months when he will grasp how much he is loved, how he is indeed cared for, for life! How much his sisters and brother and daddy and mommy love him! I adore that moment when it all dawns on them that these crazy white people LOVE them! Hang in there momma, it'll come! You are doing AWESOME! You are such a rockstar!

  3. Awww...Poor buddy! I am waiting for Gracie to start grieving. I'm not looking forward to it, but will feel better about things when she does. I'm with are doing an awesome job there by yourself!! You are amazingly strong!!
    Love you!