Monday, January 2, 2012


Remember this photos from the other day?
Hudson got a tomahawk for Christmas!  He loves it!  It is probably his favorite gift.
When they go down to the farm they do a lot of guy things like hunt, fish, play ball, eat frozen pizza's, built forts, chop down trees, and be smelly like boys.  
Well, while Hudson was waiting for his Dad to take them down to the farm for Trey's birthday party (which consisted of 8 smelly boys and 5 of their dads), he was out back cutting trees.
Don't worry- safety instructions have been discussed.
As Trent and I were standing in the kitchen talking the front door opens and in comes a tree followed by and 8 year old Chinese lumberjack!
He was so proud of his tree that he had cut down!

This was my Christmas floral arrangement that got taken out with the tree!

The 8 year old Chinese lumberjack.
See how proud he is?


  1. This is cracking me up!!! That last picture is a total hoot!! He's not even phased by the floral arrangement all over the floor! I love it! Let boys be boys!!

  2. that's a big tree to wag through the house...happy logging at your house.